So You Call For ‘Dry Holi’, Then You Should Definitely Read This.

Holi 2019

I know, I should’ve uploaded the blogposts by yesterday but somehow I procrastinated. Exams aren’t over till now. I’ve also got to prepare for that. So you see, why are my blogposts so short these days?

Just because, I can’t manage to write 1000 word blogposts currently. Not because of the tedium (the thing that interests you is never ever tedious), but the time.

Dry Holi or Wet Holi?

My opinions are not binding on anyone but I think that playing with water is not that bad.
Don’t you wash your car with hose? Don’t you water your plants with hose? Don’t you visit any water amusement park? Haven’t you ever been to any rain dance party? If yes, you’re a big water waster. In front of this, do you still call the water used in Holi a wastage?
I suggest you to use water, but clean water. Don’t mix harsh chemicals in the water. However, if the wish arises, you can mix organic water soluble colours in the water. Use pichkari more often, even people love to be drenched with it. Balloons can cause accidents.
holi festival hindus
My sister, Palak Sangal.
Holi is a spiritual festival. We can’t imagine our life without colours; Holi makes us realise this.
Many people say that Holi is a disgusting festival, First of all you drench yourself with colours and then bathe to remove them. But actually, It is beneficial. 
In many countries, there are many therapies based on water and colour. You’re getting them for free. Though I’m not an expert in this regard, you can checkout many other sites.
During holi, the season can make you feel sluggish. But playing holi can make you feel enthusiastic about life again. Isn’t it great?
values of holi, why is holi celebrated

How Was My Holi?

This time, my holi was wonderful. I was deeply engrossed in the hullabaloo.
We started our day with glorious photoshoots. My middle sister has gifted me a tripod. Using it was fun.
dry holi, pichkari, gubbara , water balloons
A few drops of rain arrived, which seemed as if God was also willing to play Holi with people.
I visited my paternal uncle’s (Dad’s cousin’s family) who are also our neighbours. I also visited other neighbours with family. Still, I don’t have pictures to share with you.
We also visited our maternal uncle’s house, a selfie of where I’d like to share. There we played like savage beasts.
Holi at granny's home.
Holi at granny’s home.
How was your holi? Share with me in the comment below.
And yes, Holi is my favourite festival.

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