8 Ways To Deal With New Age Sarcasms

shiv sangal
 Recently, one of my pictures on instagram was trolled by one of my ex-classmates whom I hadn’t followed. I don’t find any point in him being jealous as his pictures were also good.

Later on that person messaged me and apologized for his behaviour and asked me to delete the same. But the question arises that, a person who is on instagram for 5 years; won’t he know how to delete comments.
I showed it to one of my friends who told me that it was his fake account. However, this explanation didn’t convince me fully as I was not connected to him in any way so how would the fake account holder target only me?
I didn’t reply either to the message or comment. He unfollowed me soon eventually. It didn’t bother me; but there are many who’re bothered. Just remember you’re not weak; you’re strong enough.
Here, I’m sharing with you some reasons how abusing or cursing vulgar words is harmful for you, how to change yourself if you’ve started Abusing or how to deal with them.

1.Abusing is Addictive

Once you start abusing or cursing, there is hardly any step back; you just keep advancing. I’ve seen many people around me who use 5 words of curses in a sentence of 10. Do you want to become a person of that sort? No? Then, it’s the time; abstain.

2.What Example Are You Going To Set?

You might have your younger siblings and cousins. What influence are you going to impart on them? What example are you going to set? What will they learn from you? Will it be okay for you when they too indulge in such activities.

3.Feed Your Mind The Right Way

If you’re following too much of adult content and meme pages on social media, watch wrong content on tv, then you might imagine what your mind is going to do next.

4.Self Respect, Purity Of Mind And Character

Once you start abusing you’ll lose your self respect, purity of mind and character, all at once. You won’t remain the same holy child again. Think twice!


Once you start abusing and cursing, there won’t be anything special worth knowing about you left in the world. From your language, people will know that you’re just a person from the crowd.

6.Holistic Environment

By abusing, you not only diminish your personality and aura, you also demolish the vibes of a place.
Just imagine your mind as a calm library with noone around. In that environment you’ll be able to read entire book in a short span of time. Now imagine another perspective. That library is full of people all of whom are busy in gossiping. There you won’t be able to read peacefully.
A place, where noone abuses or curses others prospers. There everyone feels fresh. Even if they talk noisily, they’re peaceful from inside.

7.Emotional Stability

If you curse, it means that you’re emotionally unstable. People who abuse are incapable of expressing their emotions straightly, that’s why they opt for abusing.


Abusing can shake your confidence. For example, I use good language, I don’t need to be bothered where I should use which words. My tongue won’t slip. But this is not the case with abusers. They have to think and plan it properly.
Abusing is not cool. Focus and insist on what’s right.

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