How I Stopped Using Toothpaste? (Yes! I Exist)

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4 months ago, I read an article about how harmful toothpastes are. From that day on, I left toothpaste and opted for substitutes. While doing so, I thought to myself that it would end up just as a few days’ trial. But the procedure I used; I liked it so much that in the end of April, I completed my fourth month without toothpastes.
So, here I’ll discuss with all of you, the harmful effects of toothpastes, their substitutes and their benefits.
Disclaimer- I’m not a dentist or a medical practitioner. You should consult the matter with any expert if you’ve any existing medical problem or any history associated with it. I’m sharing my own experience.

Why did I Stop using toothpastes?

All the toothpastes in this world have fluoride in them as an essential ingredient. Guess what? Fluoride is a toxic substance. It is used in rat poison. People who consume fluoride on a regular basis are submissive to the dominants. Hitler used fluoride to grab control over the Jews. 
Fluoride shouldn’t come in contact with your body in any form. It is so toxic that it can calcify your pineal gland which can block your paranormal vision.
That’s why I stopped using fluoride.

Substitutes to Toothpastes

Following are the substitutes I use as a substitute to toothpastes.

1.The Mega Combo

1. Turmeric

Turmeric has anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. It’s good for oral health.

2. Salt

Salt protects from tooth decay, plaque buildup and cavity development.

3. Baking Soda

Though, I didn’t find any particular effect of this substance, still adding it to the combination magnified the effect on my teeth.

4. Mustard Oil

It acts as a lubricant as rubbing just the powder of above mentioned ingredients can be a harsh experience. You can do oil pull with it; hence you won’t need even a mouthwash.

Directions For Use

Take a small airtight container, add turmeric, salt and baking soda in equal proportions. Every night and morning, take one teaspoon of this mixture on your palm and add 4 drops of mustard oil. Mix it well. Rub on your teeth. It’s your wish, do it either with your finger or toothbrush. I spread the mixture on my teeth with finger but rub with brush.
After some time, spit it out and wash your mouth.
If you fast, keep a separate container and all ingredients without turmeric.

2. Twigs

Twigs of tree can also be of great help. I use this procedure less often.
People use the twigs of three trees mainly- Babul, Meswak and Neem. The first and second are less found here but more in arid regions. Neem is found everywhere.
However you must be very careful, so as to choose only tender ones otherwise they might hurt your gums.


No doubt, I’ve got good results. 
Whiteness and yellowness are two sides of the same coin for me. 
But after using these home remedies, situations have started changing for me. Now usually, my teeth are usually white or off-white not anything after that. Plaque has reduced.
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