10 Easy Yogasanas To Take Your Lifestyle To The Next Level.

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I decided to write on this topic as International Yoga Day is approaching tomorrow. You might meme on me that every day is yoga day, then why am I being opportunist. Yes, I agree that every day is Yoga Day, but we to encourage any practice or culture, we should designate any time period for it. At least the people who don’t perform yoga daily would be able to do on this day.
Yoga/fitness is not my niche, but I like writing about holistic living. I do my own research, am open for inspiration and write what I feel can be inspirational for you. Read all the holistic living articles here.
21st June is the largest day of the year.
I’m not a professional yoga trainer/instructor. I don’t claim that I’m perfect. Still, we’ve been taught the most basic yoga in our school (what we were taught was filled with many errors, many of which I later rectified.) and later on I kept refining my basic knowledge into intermediate through various online sources and read the best of what I could lay my hands on. Yoga makes you more spiritual and you think of something beyond. You develop the power of not settling for less. That’s why I’ve picked the easiest asanas for you.


  • Challenging yourself is alright but the competition is with yourself, not others. Don’t overdo.
  • Start with small schedules.
  • Maintain the discipline of doing yoga every single day.
  • Yoga is different from gyms. It is quite versatile. You can plan different asanas for different days or stick to the same routine for everyday.
  • Don’t eat at least 1.5 hour before doing yoga and at least don’t eat for half an hour after doing yoga.
  • Don’t do it on bed, use a proper yoga mat.
  • After every asana, it’s better if you perform Shavasana which would lead to your relaxation. I don’t do it, because I’m habitual of all the asanas.
  • All these Asanas can be performed at home without the need of any external equipment.

1. Sarvangasana

In this Asana, you’re supposed to keep your body straight from back to toes. In the beginning, you can start with just raising from hip to toe. This improves the functioning of liver. Liver is responsible for secretion of bile. More bile production digests fat molecules at a faster rate.
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2. Halasana

I do it in continuation of Sarvangasana. Thus, you should perform this asana only when you’re all perfect with Sarvangasana. Performing Halasana reduces the chances of getting backpain. It also corrects many spiral deformities.
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3. Marichyasana

This asana is one level up from being easy. You’ll gain perfection in it only by practice. 
  • Stretch your right leg straight. 
  • Fold your left leg.
  • Take your left hand behind through the knee.
  • Join your left hand with your right hand.
  • Try it your left leg.


This Asana will strengthen your shoulders. But remember, don’t stretch more than your capacity at the first instance. Patience is also required.

4. Dhanurasana

This Asana is good all for your back, shoulders, thighs and knees. For this, lie down on your stomach. Raise your head and legs. Finally, hold your legs with your hands.
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5. Tolasana

Now, this is a really difficult asana. But, you’ll be able to do it. I’m able to do it after four years of practice but till now The desired height to which by folded legs should reach is yet to achieve. Anyways, this is satisfying as well. This is an achievement to be mentioned. On last yoga day, my mom uploaded my picture doing this asana. 
The steps to be followed are really easy but they’re quite technical, so read them carefully.
  1. Fold your left leg and keep it on your right leg and shake it thirty times.
  2. Do the same with your right leg.
  3. Make Padmasana and keep your palms on the mat firmly.
  4. Try raising your body.

It is difficult to be successful at the first instance but gradually improvement will come. You can omit 1st and 2nd step after you start seeing some results.

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6. Viprit Karni

This is basically a wall stand. 
  1. Keep the edge of your yoga mat well aligned with the wall.
  2. Touch your butts to the wall.
  3. Start raising your legs.
  4. Align your legs to the wall.
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 7. Trikonasana

This is the triangle pose. For this pose the process is-
  1. Stretch your legs away from each other as far as you can.
  2. Stretch your hands straight away from each other at the shoulder level.
  3. Touch the right leg with left hand. Meanwhile the right limb should be straight or at an obtuse angle.
  4. Do the same with right hand and left leg.

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8. Gaumukhasana

For this asana-
  1. Sit in Vajrasana, Padmasana or you can simply stand. This asana can done even while sitting on the chair.
  2. Stretch your right hand to the back from above and left hand to the back from below.
  3. Join both of them.
  4. Do the opposite.
  5. Repeat.
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9. Paschim Namaskar Asana

This one is really simple. Bring both of your hands to the back and join them as if you’re greeting someone ‘Namaste’.

 paschim namaskar asana

10. Matsyasana

This is the simplest of all Asanas discussed. Simply sit in a padmasana and gradually take your entire upper body backwards. This Asana is helpful in strengthening of thighs. 

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 Bonus: Sheetli Pranayama

Earlier, I was thinking of listing out pranayamas as well, but they’re way too ordinary. All of us know about
  1. Intake air through your mouth by folding your tongue.
  2. Close your mouth.
  3. Exhale through your nose.
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Which asana was your favourite? Did you find it helpful?  Let me know through the comments below.

 Though, the objective of this article was to introduce you with some basic asanas, still if you think, that you can upgrade yourself to the next level, you may also try Ushtrasana, Pawan muktasana and naukasana.

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