How To Get Your Driving License in India in 2019

Before applying for my learning license, I thought that it would be nearly impossible to get my learners’ license without the use of any third party service/ broker or without paying any bribe.
But, hell yes! This is possible. 
Actually, brokers are not bad. I mean to say, they’re of two types in my sense- Legitimate and Illegitimate.

Legitimate And Illegitimate Brokers

Legitimate brokers are those whom you’ll find near the RTO (Regional transport office). They just help you with paperwork and you’re supposed to do the rest of the office work yourself.
Illegitimate Brokers are those which usually have a setting with the officers of RTO and after charging a certain fees they enable you to qualify for a license without giving the test.

Should You Think Of Hiring Any Broker?

The question is upon you. If you are so busy so as not to afford an expenditure of two hours or if you can’t step out of your comfort zone to face the crowd, then you can think of hiring a broker as he will make it easy for you.
It was my craze that I must do everything on my own; but if I must be honest in a decent regard, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.
It’s upon you, what you want. If you want convenience and comfort, you’ll need to spend money. While if you want to save money, you’ll need to step out of your comfort zone.
There are many other factors to determine the answer. For example, I won’t even think of my sisters facing that heavy crowd that I’ve faced. Though, they’re bold, but still it’s an unbearable thought.
A cousin of mine recently got his driving license, he had to spend, 2000 rupees while it costed me just 1000 rupees.
If you might want to know how the RTO of my city looks like, here you are.
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How To Get Your Learners’ License On Your Own?

The advent of internet has been a blessing for all. Registering for your learners’ license is as easy as signing up for your facebook account. Visit the
 You’ll get it texted on your registered mobile number as well. You must use only that mobile number which you can carry to the RTO.
At my time, I registered my mom’s number and it created a mess at the time of my screening at the RTO as an OTP was supposed to arrive at the registered number which was with mom at home.
Well! It all cleared up.
Anyways, upload the requisite documents next. Then pay the fee. I selected for two basic classes –
After fee payment,

Documents You’ll Need

This is the topic where most of the people fail. As it’s not clearly mentioned in the Sarathi’s website that what documents you should carry. Well! I’m here to help you out.

1. Aadhar Card

You should keep with you both the original and photocopies of Aadhar card with you. You have to submit the photocopy along with other documents. Original is just to show to the officer.

2. 10 Passport Size Photos

The pictures automatically printed on your online generated form are not enough. So, you should keep at least 10 passport size photos for emergency.

3. Payment Proof

You should download and print the receipt of payment. This is also a required document in your license application.

4. Undertaking Form

You won’t find this document anywhere on internet. I don’t know why. You can purchase it from any shop around the RTO itself.

5. Envelope and Stamps

It’s better if you carry an envelope and stamps worth INR 50 with you beforehand. Write your name, postal address and phone number followed by ‘to’. Stick the stamps.

6. Acknowledgement Receipt

This is basically your appointment letter stating the date and time of slot booked.

7. Forms

There are two forms automatically generated which you’ll have to get printed.

8. 10th marksheet

This is required for an additional layer of verification.

Note- Keep some stationery with you, for e.g. Gum, stapler, pens etc.

How To Pass The Learners’ License Test?

To pass the test, preparation is the key. If you are already aware of road signals, traffic signs etc. It’s good, but I personally suggest you to prepare. In the
If you pass, the learners’ license will be posted shortly after screening and will reach to you in around one month. If you fail, pay INR 50 fine and try again.

How To Get Your Driving License On Your Own?


Getting your driving license is easier than getting your learners’ license. But getting a learners’ license is mandatory. After its date of issue, you can apply for driving license after 30 days. the learners’ license is valid only for six months.
The process is similar. Visit the sarathi parivahan website and fill in your details. But note it, this time they’ll ask for your learners’ license number. Basic details will automatically appear.
If you’re also appearing for the same class of vehicles like me, the fee is INR 1000. Book your slot and you’re done.
I won’t dive into details of what you’ll need as I’ve already covered many things in Learners’ License Heading. Like you need to have your Aadhar Card, 10 passport size photos, payment proof, acknowledgement receipt ,the forms and 10th marksheet. You won’t need undertaking form or envelope and stamps this time. But they’ll ask for Learners’ license (original) to be submitted. Buy a cardboard office file beforehand as you’ll need to submit your documents by assembling them in it.
Note- Keep some stationery with you, for e.g. Gum, stapler, pens etc.

Driving License Test

After your documents will be verified, all of them will be kept. Only your payment receipt will be signed by the concerned officer and will be returned to you. You’ll be allotted a schedule of their testing space. My verification process was completed at 11.30 am. I was asked to appear at Transport Nagar, Bhopa Road to qualify for the driving test. I went there with my driver (gratitude! he taught me and was quite supportive during the entire process). Only five applicants were there. I got to know, that instead of appearing for test, many applicants just bribe through their brokers to get the license. 
After making us wait for 15 minutes, two officers arrived and asked us to be placed on our respective car seats and fasten our seat belts. We were further asked to keep the front two windows open.
I read on internet the day before that it would be a 50 yard test. It must have been happening in metro cities, but in my city, it wasn’t. 
Every applicant was asked to make a u-turn, apply brake on an inclined plane and take a reverse gear. Bingo!
The receipts were taken from us. Officer told that the results will be announced after three days through a text on registered mobile number.
Note- I took our own car for test. You might do this as well. But if you can’t arrange the car for the test, yoh can pay INR 760 after which the car would be arranged by the RTO.

It was just a matter of 5 minutes.
After this test, I climbed up on Highway, cut through the Roorkee Road, took another Cut to Gandhi Colony and came back home.
I hope you liked it. I expect that you might love to do this on your own. I’m not a broker, but just your brother. If you face any problem in the license process, either comment or email me at I’ll try my best to help you.

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