3 Accounts To Follow on Instagram for Free Filters

In this digital age, everyone has a smart phone in his hand. So, everyone is a photographer. In addition to that, you’ve free photo editors, which means that you’re an artist as well. You’ve got social media to network with people; which means, you’re your own marketer. You’ve everything in your grasp. 80% of what you can do on internet within your reach is free.
Goals always matter. Some people are keen to strengthen the stake in their tribe, while some want to extend their reach to new audiences.
So today, I’ve come up with an interesting topic to amaze you.
These days, people are quite crazy in editing their pictures. You’re on social media as well and you want to maximize your reach (It doesn’t matter if the reason is personal or professional).
For performing well on Instagram, you need to perform well, both with the feed as well as with the stories. If you’re busy, then you can negotiate with posts, but compromising with stories can be risky. So don’t even think of it.
The stories you post should be creative. I too was confused with the ‘why’ factor in the beginning. But now, I’ve the answer. You’ve to deliver your audience something new.
Instagram filters are way too ordinary. Everyone tries them. What if I could tell you that you can use some unique filters on instagram. Perhaps many of you didn’t know about it. Many of you might have just checked your phones right now.
But wait, I’m not done yet. There are several artists who make filters and provide it to people for free.

How To Use New Filters On Instagram?

  1. To use, the new filters on Instagram, find those artists’ profiles who create filters (I’ll discuss about such in later parts of this article).
  2. (Optional) Reach out to their highlights. Some of them usually provide trial versions there, which you can tap or swipe up and use.
  3. Follow those accounts.
  4. Now when you open your camera icon for story, those filters will automatically appear.
  5. Start using and share them in your story. Astonish people!
  6. Bonus! If you tag the creators when you share the story in their filters, there is good chance of getting a shoutout by them.

3 of My Favorite Instagram Accounts For Free Filters

1. Nahir Esper (@nahir.esper)

She’s a photographer, artist and filter creator.

Favorite Filters

  • Pastel Colours
  • Fruit Makeup
  • Flowerful
  • Gem
  • Collage

2. Philip Basler (@basphi)

He’s a visual artist, motion designer and filter creator.

Favorite Filters

  • Basphi
  • Banana

3. Juanpa Zurita (@eljuanpazurita)

He’s a filter creator and also has his own clothing brand.

Favorite Filters

  • Dia de los Muertos

Filter creators are many. If you want to use more filters, once you follow them, many more accounts like these will come up in your recommendations.

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