5 Tips To Travel More With Less Time And Money

This post is basically an extension to two of my previous blogposts.
Our last expedition was really quick. Left in the morning from home, reached Prayagraj in afternoon, boated for an hour, reached Banaras at night. We covered Banaras’ sightseeing in just four hours, the next morning and reached Deoghar that evening. After the morning darshan the next day, we left for Nepal.
So, the fact is that there is no definite standard or amount of time or money that you must have in order to travel.
That’s why, in this article, I’m sharing, how to channelize your resources efficiently to travel amazingly.

1. Make A List Of Places, You Want To Visit

Internet is a utility these days, with every piece of detail at your beck and call. Make use of this resource. Before leaving for any destination, research and make a list of all the destinations you would love to visit.

2. Have a Schedule And a Budget

Once, you’ve stepped out of your home, nothing is certain. For this, you might ask me, that why is a budget or time table needed?
Look, you need a budget to have an idea of prospective expenses, you might make.
You need a schedule, to allocate the destinations you want to cover to different times.
Make both of them quite strictly, but not miserly . However, you can have a little bit of flexibility.

3. Ask Localites

Internet results are a mixture of good and bad options. Reviews are also a mixture of varied interests and experiences. Furthermore, there are chances of them being biased. 
You might feel influenced with the beautiful pictures of some places but might feel fooled later when you visit it, if the place proves not to be upto your expectations. Such experience can waste both your time and money.
Though, it’s not cent per cent possible to escape this shortcoming , you can grab the safe side by asking the localites about the place you’re going to visit. They’ll tell you both pros and cons of the place, plus they’ll be highly honored for being asked.

4. Get Up Early

You can escape a lot of traffic which would save your hours just by waking up early. Not even this, in the morning, you’ve the highest percentage of zeal in your mind, which won’t tire you. You can save your energy to travel more throughout the day.

5. Filter Your Bucket List

It’s worth knowing that not every place is worth a visit. Out of your wish list, you’re supposed to figure out, which places are really worth it, which you madly want to visit. So here, I’m suggesting you with some tips on filtering your bucket list.


When you come up with the suggestion of the parks, question yourself: 
What is so unique inside this place which I won’t find anywhere else?
You must get the answer. Some parks may be just prosaic sights with coated layers of tourism promotion.
If I must tell you, unique parks are as such, for e.g. they have some natural resources like special natural rocks, some special species of plants and animals etc.


Before visiting the museum, ask yourself the same question as in previous heading. But in this case, you’re also supposed to run further inquiries. For e.g. Which articles are displayed? With which period of the history or the culture is this museum associated?
These days, Museums are also a business. Some museums have nothing to display at all. They just hang pictures on the wall and you’re supposed to visit pay fee, look at them and leave.
Articles for display should be unique. Suppose, The sword and scabbard of His Highness XXX, The king of Kingdom ABCD; Original sketch of XXX, Belongings of XXX. Though, these are just suppositions, these are something unique. 
Come back to the first example. A person or group brings an old building and opens up a museum there. They just hang some pictures, which aren’t unique. Why are you bothering to visit it. You can download them on the internet.

~ Shopping

Not everything displayed out for shopping is worth purchasing. 
When we visited Goa, our taxi driver took us to a certain market, the name of which I don’t seem to remember. All the shops were outlets of brands with global presence. But without stepping out of the car, we went away, because what we would have bought was not something that could capture the spirit of Goa. Moreover, such articles can be purchased even in our own city. The next day, we went to a local merchandise near the Calangute Beach. All the articles were made in Goa only. Though the prices were a bit higher, as the west part of India is not cheap; but we were happy to have something which was completely Goan and worthy of being called a souvenir of our expedition.
Keep this in mind, when you shop while travelling, you should buy what captures and stores the spirit of the place, not what is found everywhere.


I guess, my words fade where the matter of faith comes, as only vibes arise then.
I’m noone literally to specify the criteria of visiting any religious place as they’re really matchless. Devotion is the biggest virtue of life. But make sure that you must try to visit the places of your faith so as to avoid any inconvenience,

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