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Time and tide wait for none and that’s absolutely true. Time goes on at its own pace; but it’s our perception which defines if it is fast or slow.
Entire 2019 passed so fast, that I didn’t have a moment to stop and realize so as to ask myself, ” Man! what’s going on over here?”
Perhaps, that’s the only reason I’m writing this article to assess, how was my 2019 and what I did the whole year.
Let me give you monthly insights of all that happened in twelve months of 2019.


In the entire month, I was quite busy, just like a twelfth grade student should be. We visited Pilani as my sister got her admission there. I had a get together on my birthday with my friend. I had my accountancy practical on 21st January which went easier than I imagined. The same examiner took the Business Studies’ practical the very next day. Our accountancy teacher had been very supportive since the past two years. Because of her, I didn’t need to pursue any private tuition. Computer Science Practical on 23rd was quite chaotic that I don’t want to talk about it. My economics practical on 25th went as usual. My Physical Education Practical on 29th was a jaw-dropping experience for my external examiner, I suppose. I think I should write about that incident in an individual blog post. I can write an how-to post about preparing for the practicals. I hosted the blog that day itself.

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The entire month of February passed in the preparations of Board Exams.
We had our farewell party on 16th. I went there, well dressed after eras. One of my friends acted egoistically which disappointed me. Another friend of mine was so indulged with me that it seems now that it was a private get together resort for us. We spent the entire morning and evening in clicking portraits of each other. I had saved a lot of poses in a collection. 
Anyways, when students were invited to come up on the stage to speak about the school, many did, but I didn’t volunteer that time, which I did as usual. I didn’t have any nostalgia so I didn’t want to fake any. Only a few teachers remained in my favorites and only the library. Nothing else.

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The entire month went in the preparation of the exams. A pinch of recreation arrived at Holi, otherwise, it was a fade month.

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After my exams were over, we went on our trip to Prayagraj, Kashi, Baidyanath, Sitamarhi, Janakpur and Kathmandu. Then the entire month, I was sitting at home, either studying for competitive exams which I didn’t clear or Blogging.

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I started looking for colleges. Appeared for a few exams. I got two brand campaigns to work on. I disabled ads from my blog.

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I pursued a few online courses. I blogged. I learnt driving and got my permanent driving license. By the end of the month, I got admitted in Delhi University.

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My orientation of college in Delhi was on 20th of July. Classes didn’t start even on 22nd so I came back for a week on 23rd. After I came back on 31st, I visited Kalkaji, Lotus Temple and Iskcon Temple.

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I went with my cousin to visit Agrasen Ki Baoli, Bangla Sahib and Cannaught place on 3rd. That trip doesn’t carry good vibes in my mind now as I returned the next day. 
On 19th I shifted to another college in Dehradun.
I started with a Sanskrit Course.

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I visited Tapkeshwar temple with two of my friends. 
Started with another Sanskrit course.

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I came back to home after my mid-semester exams for Navratri and Dussehra. After a week, I came back for my Deepawali holidays.
Out of a month of thirty-one days, I got to spend seventeen days at home.
I got one brand campaign to work on.
I started with new services on my blog.

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This month too, I gotta spend fifteen days at home. I visited the Parachute festival which was below my expectations. I tasted Momos and Bun Tikki the last month.

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Though, it’s going on, I must tell you still. I had my exams till fourteenth. After that, I’m at home these days.

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