4 Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Udemy

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This is the age of information. Getting knowledge and information is not just limited to schools and colleges these days. Anyone can stay updated. There are various sources of information.
If you aren’t satisfied with your educational institutions, then online courses are a must for you to keep yourself cheered up.
I earlier thought that online courses are too expensive. But Udemy changed my opinion. The fees of most of the courses are indeed affordable.
However, even paying the same fees is not possible because spending small amounts constantly results into a big amount.
So, here, I’m sharing some tips with you, which if you try will surely get you a heck lot of information than you pay.

1. Seek Out For Free Courses

Whenever you’re looking for courses on any topic, say ‘ MS Excel’; use filter ‘Free’. Check out their contents and then compare them with the paid courses.
I’ve been benefited from this practice many a times.
In May 2019, I enrolled in a free course and completed it. Later on, after a few months, while surfing, I found that it was converted into a paid course worth ₹700. Man! It was an implicit saving.
Many instructors so as to get more reviews and enrollment statistics declare their courses to be free sometimes. You can get a mutual benefit. You get the course and the certificate and the instructor gets the stats.
If you find a good course, even if you don’t have time to work on it, enroll in it. Once, you’ve enrolled, access to it is your right which no one can take from you, no matter to which level the price changes. The course content comes with a life time guarantee.

2. Gift On Events

Souvenirs on your friends’ b’day are memorable but they depreciate and soon lose their value in the receivers’ lives as well; money spent to be taken apart.
I’ve an idea for you. You can gift the courses to your Family, friends and acquaintances during any of their birthdays, anniversaries or any other special event. In this way, you’re increasing their value. Your gift will later find its place in their resume later on.
Similarly, it might develop a cult, in which they may also gift you some online courses.
You saved money, they saved money, gift is useful and both of the parties got to invest in themselves.

3. Look For Seasons

A course you found expensive may not be of the same price every-time. Every month or two, there are certain offers when the courses worth ₹12000 may be available for just ₹360.
If you find any course out of your budget, save it to wishlist and check on it during seasons.

4. Watch Collectively

Though the course certificate is offered to just one person, you get the required knowledge if you watch it collectively.
E.g. Your friend purchased a course for ₹500. He completes it and gets a certificate on his name. But as I already said, the content remains on the purchaser’s account with a lifetime guarantee, you can take his permission to have an access to that course’s material. You didn’t have to pay ₹500. 
Excuse me, I don’t mean that you should take anyone’s favor. All I suggest you is that when you purchase any course the next time, you can allow him access to that material as well. 
In this way, though the certificate is with the purchaser only, the knowledge is with both the parties.

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