Is Copying Content From Search Engines Legitimate?

The biggest thing that I don’t like about some teachers in schools and colleges is that they give a lot of homework and assignments. Such activities, I believe are not for students but for internet, I suppose. They never let students identify their capacities and make them a cheater cock. 

Most of my teachers were kind enough that they saved us from falling into such error. We were always told to try writing the content ourselves. We were further made habitual to honor the respected sources in the bibliography.
But, many people of this generation are hardly aware of this fact. Whenever, they’re looking for any content, they just google it and paste the results in their work. This is not just I believe, in fact, it is cent per cent illegitimate. 
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Why Is Copying Content From Search Engines Illegitimate?

There are various acts related to Intellectual property in India as well as those formed by various International legal entities.
Google clearly states that it has no stake in determining the status of protection as per the content policies and disclaimers of the websites it indexes. 
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In the above uploaded screenshot, I can illustrate the fact. Just read the line written on the left of the red arrow.
Whenever, you’re picking up any picture or text just make sure that you’ve the permission related to the usage with you.
For blogs, it is not compulsory to get a copyright certificate. As soon as you create an original work, you’ll automatically become the copyright holder of that work.
However if you give proper reference, it is alright in some cases.

How to Determine If I Can Use A Site’s Content?

There are two types of Protections- Creative Commons and Copyright.
Under Copyright, reproduction of work is prohibited unless permission is sought.
In Creative commons, there is a sort of liberty granted up to some extent. Make sure you check this out the next time you pick up someone’s content.
For more information, you can even check this page on Google’s support center.
If you feel that someone has copied your content, you can report that here.

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