What Is The Difference Between B.Com Hons. And B.B.A?

I always believe that education system of our country needs reforms. Also I believe that your standard shouldn’t be limited by your college.
I’ve heard many students say that B.Com Hons and B.B.A is same.
But, the reality is something different.
Many of the people in our belongings think B.B.A to be a prestigious course, while B.Com for them is just something menial.
So, let me explain you, what exactly is the difference between B.B.A and B.Com.

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The Three Sectors Of Economy

The three sectors of economy are Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sectors.
Primary Sectors involve producing goods from scratch. E.g. I produce 1 kg wheat on land.

Secondary Sectors involve manufacturing or producing goods by using the goods already produced in the primary sector. E.g. I made 1 kg wheat flour in my factory.
Primary and Secondary sectors together come in the category of Business and Trade.
Tertiary Sectors comprise those activities which are not a part of production process, but still they help in the smooth running of business.
These are also known as Auxiliaries To Trade or simply Commerce.
Commerce basically comprises of six major activities- Transportation and Communication, Banking and Finance, Warehousing, Insurance, Advertising and Packaging.

The Difference Between B.Com and B.B.A

With my above heading, the basic difference between Commerce and Business might be clear to you.
B.Com stands for Bachelors of Commerce while B.B.A stands for Bachelors of Business Administration.
Basically, B.Com deals with the study of all the commercial activities which are useful in assisting the activities of the business.
While, B.B.A deals with the study of all such activities which are useful in running the business itself.

The Difference Between B.Com and B.Com(Hons.)

Many of classmates feel disappointed if their relatives treat B.Com and B.Com hons. alike.
If you want me to tell you the difference, here is.
B.Com is a course with some key subjects involved, while B.Com hons. is based on some sort of specialization in any particular subject.
Still, if you look at the current scenario, you’ll find that most of the colleges just keep their regular B.Com courses registered as B.Com Hons. courses. This is cheap and shameful.
Only a few subjects change, no specialization is offered and the difference doesn’t take you and me anywhere.

Is The Difference Between B.Com and B.B.A Evident?

Actually, no. These days, if you pick up the curricula of both of B.Com and B.B.A, you’ll find that the subjects are mostly same.
The programs might have been started with a differentiated interest as I’ve already discussed with you in previous head.
Many universities exist in India where you’ll be able to find a vast difference in the fees of B.Com and B.B.A. The placements of undergraduates in India are still not up to the mark.
Freshers get the jobs of BPOs which can be done even by matriculates. There’s no need of higher education in such jobs. Only some key skills are required.

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