5 Ways To Make The Most Efficient Use Of Your Corona Break?

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It was 28th January when I initially came to know that there’s a virus named Corona spreading in China. We didn’t expect that it would cause so much havoc to our country as well. In February, everything was settled as usual. We visited E-summit at IIT Roorkee on 1st February. In February , I visited my Cs chapter for orientation program.

When I came to my home in March, I didn’t know that the matter would stretch so long. I just knew that from 16th to 18th, I’d have my mid semester exams. But the break was scheduled till 22nd. Then another notice came declaring off until 31st March and finally another declaring break till 14th April.
So, since you’re all at home, I’ve to discuss with you some ways, through which you can utilize your time.
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I have always valued money. But as soon as I’ve entered into my college life, I’ve started valuing my time even more. 

1. Join any course

This is a good time to polish up your existing skills or find new ones. There are various portals where you can pursue various courses online and enrich your resume. 

2. Complete your pending tasks

You might have a lot of tasks which you might’ve saved for the time, you’d be free. So the time has come for you to do them.

3. Online Events

Many universities are running their online events which can really help you brush up your talents. Why don’t you try with any article writing or case study contest. Surf some events’ websites.

4. Keep a track of your academics

Even, if it is off and the exams have been cancelled, teachers are still working hard for their students’ loss of time and are preventing that further by running online classes or providing content to them.
Make sure you attend or consume the content well. Complete the assignments well.
I’m telling, how the new format got me over the moon.
I really used to feel sick about this cramming culture and exams. Our new pattern of making videos and presentations really helped us analyse our creative aspect. Still, some people of our class were stressed about it. I don’t know, why?
Ours is not a live class, but educational content provided to us.
The biggest help is that you can repeatedly listen to the lectures. You can ask directly the questions. There’s no scene of attendance. You’re learning at your own pace, comfortably. You don’t have to wear that boring uniform. The time that you waste in college overall between the lectures is wasted.

5. Freelance

If you’re really skilled at something, you can find some campaigns or gigs online and complete them.
This will help you earn money. Otherwise, the economy is crumbled for a month or two.

6. Continue with your work from home

If you’re doing your job, it is quite granted that you might’ve been provided the permission for work-from-home. Work from home is also a good opportunity for you. It is obvious that you don’t just spend your entire time working in your office. So, the time that you waste over there is saved. Moreover, the tasks you’re provided are usually simpler than your full-time tasks.

7. Read More

Libraries and bookstores might be closed, but you can find various books and papers on internet for free. Reading soothes your brain.


Opportunities are everywhere. You have to use them to your advantage. Everything is shut down for a few days. But, you’ve an internet connection and that’s approximately everything.

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