4 Tips For 10th and 12th Passouts

The entire country has been shut down, thus crumbling the economy. This has casted an impact on the education system as well. Many people have already lost their jobs and freshers are going to get less placements and even when they get, placement packages might not be that efficient till the coming years.

Development of skills is extremely important if you want to earn well either being employed or self employed. So, I’ve come with some tips both for students who’ve cleared their 10th Standard as well as those who’ve cleared their 12th standard.

1.Financial Planning

To take any decision related to your education, a stable financial planning is extremely important. It is important even if you can afford it.

Analyse the fees of different colleges. List the scholarships you might avail. List your accommodation expenses, if you want to study away from home.

See, if it is affordable. If your parents can bear the expenses without being stressed about it.

I suggest that you should never take loan for your education, even if it’s a good college. Live within your means. It isn’t certain that your college would take your education the same way, you would. Once you enter the college, there’s a different ambience, everyone has a habit of taking it light. So, you might not get the worth of it. Even if the college is dedicated, it’s not certain that you’ll be able to pay off your loan with your placement. Taking education loan is like taking risks blindly. Your teachers are wrong if they say that your education is your best education. Or you can say that the statement is incomplete. Curricula of colleges these days is not really worth it. Be self educated even when you’re in a college.

Once, you’ve done your financial planning, analyse the college on the basis of its education quality and infrastructure.

2.Direct Careers After 10

You must ask one question from yourself, if you can carry it too long? If you’re not studious enough , you can still get good jobs. There are various courses in the education sectors which you can pursue just after your 10th. Pursue any of the vocational diploma or polytechnic courses. They’re self sufficient in them. Even if you wish to pursue any undergraduate course afterwards, you’ll get a direct entry in 2nd year, if you’ve done a three year diploma after 10th.

There are various government jobs in various sectors, you can keep an eye on them as well.

3.Junior Colleges

You might be tired of your school life, right? These days, in various cities, concept of junior colleges is emerging. There you can pursue your class 11th and 12th and the ambience is just like college, relaxed dress norms, you can bring your phones etc. You can search on net for more options.

4.Integrated Courses

If you’re supposed to value two things in education sector to be brought in consideration, they must be time and money.

If you look for integrated courses, there might be many which can save a lot of time. You can go for integrated MBA. There might be many of both five years and four years. There are various executive MBAs as well which are completed in one year itself.

Please, don’t do MBA if you’ve done B.Tech as your money would be wasted then. There’s a complete difference in syllabi of both.

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