Throwback to Our Kerala-Tamil Nadu Trip 2014

Since, quarantine season is going on and I was a bit free so I relooked at my old pictures. Looking at your old pictures is also a kind of introspection, right? To see how much you’ve grown is a bliss. 
So, let me tell you that we visited Kerala and Tamil Nadu in 2014. I can’t believe, it’s been six years. Almost all the pictures of that excursion are beautiful but I can’t share all since many of them are not that appealing, still I picked a few to show you.

What 2014 gave me?

Well, I started blogging in 2014 itself. I started reading a lot. Every week, I brought at least two books from the school library. I started working on my vocabulary. At least, I can say, that my current active vocabulary is heavily comprised of the words I learnt in those years. Otherwise, I haven’t laid very special efforts in last two years. 
I had new fads as well in that year. I started learning French. But, I’m proud to have an early realization that learning foreign languages in India is of no use. This is because, you won’t be able to find that speaking environment. You can learn to read their texts or to live in their country. But thinking that after learning the grammar, you’ll be a master is false. In schools, students are nowadays taught English in every class, but only a selected folk are fluent. Why is it that even after 12 years of practice, they’re not confident? 
Because, the real spirit of language is in its spoken form.
Mastery of language through grammar is also important. Taking an example, you can speak enough Sanskrit by having a basic knowledge, but to read the texts, you need to be a master of grammar.
I started participating in a lot of activities like debates, essays etc.
I once went to another school, where, an essay writing competition on Communal Harmony was organised. That time also motivated me.
That batch of teachers was also good. Our classroom was also good. It received ample of sunlight and was surrounded by nothing except greenery. It had a balcony as well.
I’ve a frugal mindset right from my childhood. I remember that I my drawings and charts from the soft board on the last day of school as I believed, it was my work so I had the right.
I stopped wearing denim in 2017 finally. I had already reduced wearing them in 2016. So, these pictures are the last few, of me wearing denim.

It was a viewpoint in Kodaikanal. A stream over there was caged with iron rods to keep it clean. I sat on that.

The same viewpoint. I sat on the roots of the trees. Because of any reason unknown to me, they were on the ground.
A chariot or Victoria in our hotel at Rameshwaram.
In Kerala, probably somewhere around Thekkady or Munnar. I had bought this bubble machine from a fair we attended.
A park in Thekkady
Same park in Thekkady
Pose with a fallen tree at the same park in Thekkady
Bryant Park of Kodaikanal.

South Indians sell their fishes in the same way, we North Indians sell our green grocery. Plus, a vintage mini bus in the background. View of Dhanushkodi, near Rameshwaram.
Another pose in the same park of Thekkady

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