5 Tips That Will Help Your Life At Delhi University in 2020

Covid-19 is a hard time, not just for businessmen; but for students as well. Final year students’ placements are suffering. Those who were planning to pursue their further education or internships abroad have dropped their plans. Similarly, freshers, who were planning big about their college lives might come up with constricted options. So, today, I’m discussing about DU. It’s a government university which has less fees and might be closer to your home.
Before, I write about it, let me ascertain it to let you know the bitter truth, no matter how much an institution claims, it doesn’t work very well on you. If you want an admission in DU, that’s very good. But it’s my personal advice for you to never associate your intellect and growth with your teachers and college infrastructure. If you work on this advice, you can save yourself from future regrets.
I’ve written an article on the various shortcomings of DU and why I left it. Click here to read it.
However, three reasons because of which I found DU unbeatable were-

  • Good quality Libraries.

This is just a part of foundational infrastructure. A good library ensures that the institution has an academic culture of some sort. You won’t find teachers in DU that good, they’re just as good as you might assume any government employee (At least in most of the south campus colleges).

  • Security of your personal space

There is an environment of general openness that no one has an interference on anyone’s life. Administration of government colleges is not as atrocious as the private colleges’. The cheaper is the standard of a college, the more dominant it becomes.

  • Extra-curricular Activities

There is a greater scope as in most of the colleges there are many societies.
Other than these, there are no reasons, I believe, DU is any better. 
However, if you’ve a burning desire to be at DU, I’m today suggesting you some tips which would secure your admission and will save your money as well.

1. Know Your Priority

You should know what your priority is. 
Do you want to be College Oriented, which means that you’ll pursue any course but your college should be the one you desire?
Or you want to be Course Oriented, which means that you’ll pursue any college but the course you study should be the one you desire?
If I must tell you, I could’ve enrolled in Ramanujam College’s Political Science honors but since I’m a course oriented person, I chose CVS’ B.Voc (SME).
Figure this out as it will set things clear.

2. Get The Non-Core Courses (For College Oriented Aspirants)

There are various courses in which you can easily get admissions.
The most booming courses in DU, currently are B.Com, B.Com (Hons), B.C.A, B.Sc, B.B.A, B.A(J.M.C) .
After them come B.A hons in different subjects like History, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, English etc.
Then come B.Vocs in various disciplines.
Finally, there are various language honors which are the least sought, for instance, Hindi, Sanskrit, Bengali, Arabic, Urdu etc.
Hindi is easily available but other language honors are scarcely available. Their cutoffs go to as low as 60s, even for general category.
So, if you just want to get in a college that you want and course doesn’t bother you, then you can go for various honors in languages and subjects of social sciences.

3. Get The Colleges With Lower Cutoffs (For Course Oriented Aspirants)

DU has approximately 92 colleges. Out of these, nearly 60 to 70 colleges are for Arts and Commerce and are thus cutoff based.
Not every college has a good ranking. So, if you want your desired course, you can opt for colleges with lower rankings.

4. Don’t Book Your Accommodation Right Away.

Accommodations might not be available every time. They’re expensive in Delhi as well. So before you opt for any accommodation, make sure you check out for two or three cutoffs.
If you change your accommodation later on, most of the time, you don’t get your security back.

5. Don’t Pay Your Fees Right Away.

Many of the teachers and seniors might tell you that you must pay your annual tuition fee as soon as you complete registration. But, this is not the reality. In fact, you must not pay, the fees before the end of August or the last date whichever is nearer. In this way, you’re putting yourself in a safe zone.
I hope, you liked this post. If you want to read more content related to education, please click here.


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