4 Ways To Avoid Distractions Because Of Social Media

During quarantine, most of the people are simply bored. They opt to spend hours surfing on social media. But, if you want to get something concrete in your life, you should be willing to conquer your fear and shatter your comfort zone.

If you keep sticking to social media, that is evident from your personality itself. If a student gets good marks just by cramming a night before, you can know it just by watching his face. Have you ever watched the face of a person who just watches Netflix? You must.
So, today, I’ve come up with a few practical tactics which will help with your addiction to social media and the distractions you suffer with, as a result.

1. Don’t Change Your DP Often

DP means your display picture. If you change it too often, people would think that you’re too free and would bother you more, leading to more distractions.
Moreover, if you keep your DP the same for some time like at least a month or two, you yourself would be less disturbed.

2. Hide Your Activity/ Last Seen

On Instagram, you’ve an option to hide your activity, just like you’ve an option to hide your last seen on Whatsapp. Doing it this way, people wouldn’t be able to know when were you online last time.

3. Restrict/ Block a Few Accounts

You don’t need to offend people by blocking them. Though, you need to block some, whom you don’t like at all. What I’m telling you is unique. Instagram has recently introduced a new feature, restrict. In this way, the messages of the restricted person would be visible in requests. Such person won’t know whether you’ve seen their messages or not. The comments they post would be visible only to you and them unless you allow them to be visible to others.
I’m loving it. I’ve recently restricted a lot of accounts, chatting with whom drains a lot of my time.

4. Maintain a close friends’ list

If you share some content, which you don’t want many people to see, then you can maintain a close friends list.
More replies lead to more conversations and more panic. If you post only selected content to your main stories and more to your close friends, then you’ll appear busier and less people would bother you.


So, these were the small steps in which, you can minimize distractions and stop your temptations from reverting repeatedly to the social media.
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