11 Ways To Avoid Sleeping In Class

This is one of the most important topics, I believe, for improving productivity. A lot of people sleep or just doze off while attending classes. I never had such problem in school, but I started having it in college. So, I figured out why this happens and how to solve it.

What should you do to avoid sleeping in class?

1. Sit on the front benches

Sitting on the front benches makes you visible to the teacher. This might also bring sincerity in you. This would also improve your concentration.

2. Interact with your classmates

If you’re waiting your peers to wave at you first, then it ain’t self respect; it’s ego. Unless, you’ve grudges with them, make sure you communicate with your classmates efficiently. Just start with greeting ‘hi’, ‘hello’, ‘namaste’ or like anything and see how the conversation begins.
They would help you stay awake in class. There’s so much hilarious stuff you can do in your classroom itself, apart from academics.
I still laugh, when I see the funny snaps and crazy pictures, my friends clicked of me.

3. Clothe right

What you’re wearing might also be a source of comfort or discomfort. If you’re wearing something that you feel is making you uncomfortable, that might make you feel sleepy.
You should wear what makes you feel comfortable so that you can concentrate well and avoid sleeping.
Even if, dress code is imposed, you can still bring some sort of customization.

4. Go to the washroom

Many students hold when they feel the urge, but that might also be a source of discomfort which again causes you to sleep. Go to the washroom, even if it’s not of that quality. Complain, if you’ve any grievance, but please don’t hold. Going to washroom, can also make you feel fresh.

5. Wash your face

Talking about passive tiredness, it starts with the eyes. Sometimes, we’re alright but our eyes feel so heavy as if the eyelids would drop the very next moment. Whenever you feel like your eyes are not relaxed, just ask your teacher to excuse you for washroom.
When excused, go and wash your face with cold water. This would bring immediate freshness.
If splashing works for you, that’s good; otherwise, you can drench your handkerchief with water and dab slowly on your face.

6. Do exercises

Exercises can be of any type, be they eye exercises or of other body parts. Doing some movement with bring you back to life. Google it for more details.

7. Interact with teachers

Because, you’re not interested in the subject, this makes you lazy. You just stop paying attention and wait for that period to be over.
Sometimes, even if you’re interested in subject, you might not like the teacher or what they’re teaching is not clear to you. This might also make you feel sleepy in class.
Teachers can really help you. While they’re explaining, if something is not clear to you, you can ask them. They feel really happy.

8. Study a day before

To help with a difficult subject, you can study a day before so that the next day, when the teacher would be teaching that concept, it would be relatively easier for you.

9. Bathe daily

This would keep you healthy and fresh apart from reducing stress.
Yes, this is proven. Stress is capable of causing both insomnia and hypersomnia. If you’re stressed, you are likely to be a victim of any.
Bathing can reduce stress. If you bathe everyday, you would feel less sleepy.

10. Sleep plenty on time

If you sleep at the right time at night and complete your sleep cycle, then there’s literally no question how would you feel sleepy.
Half of the people waking up till late night don’t know it themselves that why’re they waking up till late nights. Many people excuse that they study. But not all the people who stay late do so. Even when their exams are not going on, they follow the same fashion. I don’t understand, why?

11. Use a mild perfume

If you wear a drop of mild perfume of any of your favorite fragrances, that might also keep you fresh.

12. Posture

Your posture might also be the reason behind why you’re sleeping. Sit straight. Don’t balance your chin on your fist. This would also help you with alertness.
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