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4 Steps To Change Your College After First Year?

Staying at a college you don’t like can be stressful. That would not lead to your growth. A few days back, I posted an IGTV video on the same topic and a lot of my college friends bombarded me with questions if I’m going to leave the college? My answer to them was simply no. With one year being completed and third semester expected to pass in such fashion itself, I don’t think for myself that it would be bad decision, then I probably suggest people to reconsider their decisions.

What are some reasons that might dissatisfy you about your college?

1. Life is stressful

Stress doesn’t only relate to workload. It can also be due to some sort of remorse related to how you’re treated. Suppose, a teacher behaves good with you, but to another student, her attitude is denigrating, then those vibes are also going to affect you as well.
In various universities across India, Commerce, Management and Humanities courses are added just to add some more to their earnings alongside Engineering. If such courses were taken seriously, there is so much to be taught. Why is it, that many commerce and management students are not enough financially intelligent? A question to be thought about.
In many institutions, the overall mindset of the administration might be to suppress the oppression and crush the voices of students. This doesn’t lead to Personal and Professional development.

2. Dress Code is imposed

This in itself is a vast issue to be discussed over. I’ve written a separate article about how it is oppressing the values of students. Click here to read it. This might work for some, while for some, it might be a burden. Opinions vary.

3. No academic culture

Academic culture is how the education is provided in the colleges. Are the assignments meaningful or just copy and paste tasks? Do you have enough opportunities to practically imply what you’ve learnt?
What about the resources? Do you have an access to a good library so as to quench the curiosity in you? These questions need to be answered. If a college doesn’t have a good academic culture, there’s no point of staying in such college. If referenced and properly acknowledged, it’s right, but if a teacher himself copies the content, how would he stop the children from submitting plagiarized assignments.

4. No Extracurricular and Co-curricular Activities

Purpose of colleges is to promote professionalism. For this to happen, good extracurricular and co curricular activities are important. Lack of them can decline your creativity.

How to change your college after 1st year?

Not only just after 1st year, some colleges even accept students in any odd semester with all the credits being transferred. This process is called Lateral Entry. Many students, being unaware of the fact start from scratch. Here, I’m sharing some ways in which you can apply for a lateral entry.

1. Figure out your desired college

Surf on the internet and deeply analyse the college you want to seek admission in. Scan through their website in their entirety.

2. Check out if they support lateral entry

You would be able to find such stuff on the website itself. If lateral entry is supported, contact the concerned authority via phone or email whichever supported.

3. (If not) Contact the department

Note-You cannot change your course even after lateral entry.
If there’s no mention of lateral entry on the website, then find the contact addresses of the faculty of the department. Pitch them that you want to get the lateral entry. If they allow, they would also let you know the entire procedure.

4. Keep the documents handy

Usually, your marksheets of 10th, 12th and your previous semesters are asked. You might also have to show an NOC (No objection certificate) issued by the college you’ve decided to leave. Other documents, required vary from college to college.
How To Change Your College After First Year? What is lateral entry? How does it work?
I hope, this procedure was helpful for you. Let me know in the comments below.

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