4 Ways To Avoid Dropping A Year

Kudos to myself. I’ve changed my writing style a bit. Now, to write an article, I don’t just drawl around too much. I simply come to the point.

Many students prepare for different exams so as to get to their dream colleges after their schools or undergrad. Not every one is fortunate enough to get such opportunities; sometimes even after a lot of dedicated hard work.
Many people out of disappointment or for a hope of being selected in the second attempt just waste their time by dropping the years.
I’ve seen so many students who waste a year after school to get their dream college. Some even drop one more year.
To let you know how to avoid wasting your years by wasting them, let me first introduce you with why dropping years is useless.

Demerits of dropping a year

1. Coaching Centers don’t guarantee success

And are expensive alongside. Unless, you’re cent per cent sure that you would crack that exam, I suggest that you shouldn’t go for full time coaching and drop your year for it. Cities like Kota are stuffed with coaching centres accommodating lakhs of students; while only a selected few of them make it to their dream colleges. Their fees are more than an average college.

2. Time holds more value than Money

Though, you can afford to get a coaching and maybe you get to make it to an IIT or IIM, do you feel that the time you wasted could be compensated? No.
The one or two years you wasted are wasted. Suppose you wasted two years to get to an IIT; if you hadn’t dropped, you could’ve completed two years of any professional course, you’d have enrolled yourself in.

3. Coaching Centers don’t hold the value of any degree or diploma

Even if you had to drop, you could have opted for any course that increases your value by enhancing your resume.
You can mention your diplomas, degrees and certificates; but can you mention any credential from your coaching center? No, obviously.

4. Gap Year Programs Loot Your Money

Many colleges run Gap Year Programs which claim that they’ll help you find your passion. But let me tell you. They hold no value. You’re giving them money for nothing. They won’t have to care about infrastructure in your regard, won’t have to worry about placements and moreover, wouldn’t have to give you any credential.

How To Avoid Dropping A Year

1. Enroll in a Distance Degree Program

You’ll thank me for it. Though, greater the risk, greater the gain. But, I suggest you, that as a student, you must take only calculated risks.
Enroll in literally any degree program. Most of the UG distance programs are three year courses while the PG programs are of two years. Suppose, you’re preparing for Engineering, then you can admit yourself in any coaching center and meanwhile, just prepare for that degree program’s as well, but just one month before exam.

2. If you’re going to drop second year as well…

Since, you’ve planned to drop your second year as well; then too it’s no problem. Continue with your studies and coaching. Alongside, go on with your distance course as well. You’ve completed your first year already. Pass the second year’s exams as well.
This will also give you some cushion from risk. Suppose, you don’t get into your dream college or career even then, even then, you would be able to save your time.

3. If you’re going to give up…

Suppose you didn’t get your favorite college or career even after first or second year and you’ve decided to give up, then you can get that distance degree converted to a regular one while getting your credits transferred.

4. What if you made it through?

Suppose you cracked that exam you were preparing for or you are just pursuing that course from a private college, even then I’ve an option for you.
Keep pursuing that degree. You would’ve already completed your first or second year by then.
What you’ll have to do is, just appear in the exams of both the courses. You’ll get two degrees.
UGC allows you to enroll in one regular degree, one distance degree and a diploma, all at once.
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