5 Ways To Interact With Celebrities

I completed three years of being on Instagram and Twitter, this March. The journey was incredible. I shouldn’t mention anyone’s names, but, I used some secret tricks to interact with celebrities, which I’m going to share with you today.

Interacting with famous people can boost your confidence. There might be various reasons for which you might need to interact with them, such as collaborations, PR or inviting to any event or just letting your views count.

1. Find The Least Engaged Platform

The first thing you must do is, to find the platform in which the person has lowest engagement or followers. Pitch that person on that platform.
Like, there might be many influencers who use Instagram excessively and are active on Twitter as well but do not have the same followers and engagement over there. If you interact with them on the less interacted platform, they might reply faster.

2. Send A Connection Request

For most of the people, Linked In is a platform where people add even unknowns just to increase their professional network. They might not show interest in interacting you via Instagram or Twitter but might connect on Linked In.

3. Comment Within A Few Minutes When They Post

A lot of celebrities are good with responding to people. But just imagine, those receiving hundreds or even thousands of comments; would they’ve any time to respond to each? Simply no.
What you should do is, when they post pictures on instagram or tweet, comment within ten minutes of the time they posted. This would really help you as it would increase their chances of replying.

4. Email

Email is meant for formal purposes. Most of the people, who don’t reply to comments, generally reply to emails at least. Just find their email addresses and pitch them up.

5. Give Shoutouts

There’s a great strategy related to shoutouts if I must tell you. You must give shoutouts to only those people whose followers are at maximum ten times your own followers. This increases the likelihood of getting a share of that story by them.
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