8 Ways LinkedIn Is Better Than Instagram

I don’t like people using verbal abuses (gali-galojin Hindi). Whenever I find anyone doing such an act, I’m limited with two options, if the person is totally uncivilized, I have distance; while, if the person wants to change, I help that person. I’ve seen so many people in my life, who’ve started changing. Yes, beliefs are contagious. Once, they were grabbing the negative impressions; but if they’re supplied with positive impressions and they’re ready to give up those negative impressions voluntarily, their minds can be pure once again.

The purpose of using a sober language is to ensure self-discipline. No matter, how beautiful, the god has made you or however luxuriously you’ve dressed up, if you’re not communicating decently, it’s not worth it.

You might be wondering, why am I mentioning all this? The reason is that I see that a big chunk of content circulating on social media is polluted with vulgarity, especially the meme pages. The same humour can be done decently as well.

We’ve had so many such incidents in 2020 itself, be it Girls’ Locker Room, or just a random Youtuber insulting Tiktokers with huge numbers of memers and netizens supporting his views along with online protests supporting him after his video was taken down for promoting hatred.

Rather than complaining about these incidents which hardly have any likeliness to change, I’ve shifted to a new platform for most of my activities. And the platform is LinkedIn.

Let’s discuss, on which parameters is LinkedIn more valuable than Instagram.

1.     Everyone is for work

It’s pretty obvious, you won’t find Whatsapp or Facebook kinds of messages. That would save you from crowd.

Moreover, you would find that all the users are your potential buyers. On Instagram, most of the people are just for consuming the content. However, people on LinkedIn are just for work. Some are looking to work, while some are providing work. Even those people, who’re just there to build their profiles would love to have your services if you can provide.

2.     Everything is Professional

Instagram is casual, while LinkedIn is professional. Most of the people on Instagram are just there to pass their time, while those on LinkedIn have an objective in their minds.

There’s no vulgar content on LinkedIn as a result, which also doesn’t cause any sort of panic to you.

3.     Liking and Commenting are also beneficial

If X likes or comments Y’s post on LinkedIn, then the post would be visible to all of his connections which ensures massive reach.

4.     Groups

LinkedIn is more like a professional counterpart of Facebook. On the platform, you can also join some groups to communicate with like minded people sharing your interests.

5.     Multiple CTAs

On Instagram, CTAs are just limited to a single link in bio, reels and IGTV, unless you’ve got 10k followers. Many people use linktree, which is not that good. I never appreciate that you’re driving traffic to someone else’s website.

On LinkedIn, you’ve a better condition. You can post as many links as you can in the posts.

6.     Event Management made easy

Organising an event on LinkedIn is also quite easy. They’ve a separate feature dedicated to that.

7.     Document Upload Possible

You can upload Documents in LinkedIn. This feature is missing in Instagram.

8.     Profile is more professional

Your LinkedIn is more like a lively version of your resume. You can post about your education as well as your work experience. Such feature is also missing on Instagram.

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