7 Tips To Adapt With Ebooks

Reading can literally help you polish yourself in this lockdown. Once you’ve established yourself, the time wouldn’t seem hard anymore. You might not have the time to visit the bookstores these days. Even if you’ve, you mustn’t open yourself for contamination unless it’s necessary. Ordering them would also be risky in the same regard. So, I’m sharing some tips which would be helpful in case you want to read. You must develop a habit of reading ebooks. Many people find the interface unattractive, so I’ve come up with some ways in which one can adapt with ebooks.

1. Decide on device

Deciding on device is extremely necessary. Some people can concentrate on laptop or computer because they’ve a wide screen through which they pace at a good reading speed. While, some people prefer phones or tablets which are compact enough to be carried almost anywhere.
While you’re deciding over the perfect device, also look at other features, the most important of which is battery. You must take appropriate measures. You must also clear temporary files so that the device works at a good speed.

2. Decide on time

Figure out how much time are you ready to give to your reading schedule. Stay consistent to your reading goals.
Also figure out, how much is your screen time.

3. Take care of the eyesight

There are various measures which would help you take care of your eyesight while reading. Adjust the brightness of your device, while you’re reading.
Many devices are coming up with inbuilt blue light filters these days, which you can use. Even if the feature is not inbuilt, you can download one offline.
You can have your reading glasses with blue light prevention technology.

4. Figure out your reading speed

Though my way of calculating the reading speed differs from rest of the people out there, but it’s convenient for me.
Instead of words/minute, you can count on pages/hour. I feel that reading differs by time and mood as well. So, setting up a parameter for speed isn’t accurate. However, a rough idea may help.
For instance, I can read hundred pages or more a day. So, that would be my reading speed.

5. Keep the internet steady

While you’re reading, if the internet dwindles, causing your book to load; that spoils the mood. So make sure that you keep the internet steady while reading.

6. Figure out the platform

Which platform do you use for reading? That’s also important.
If you want to buy the books online, you can use Kindle for ebooks and Audible for audiobooks. Both the platforms are by Amazon.
If you’re not able to spend money on books, that’s also not a problem. There’re various online libraries, from where you can get a multitude of books for free.
Prominent of them are Archive.org, Project Gutenberg and National Digital Library of India (which is a project undertaken by IIT Kharagpur).
Archive.org has some books which you can download. There are some titles which are not available for download, but make use of a paradigm called Controlled Digital Lending(CDL) where readers borrow the books online for free and return within 14 days when they’re done.

7. Organize the memory

You might have stored a large number of files on your device, but you must categorize them in such a way that you can access them when needed. This would avoid the wastage of your time in panic.
So, were there any tips I missed out? If yes, please let me know in the comments below.

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