3 Ways To Spot Autotune

To those people who are reading it very first time, I must give a brief introduction. Autotune is basically a software which beautifies sounds. It came in 1997 and eventually more of such software came but the brand name was generalized to every subsequently arrived brand. 

Just like we name every other petroleum jelly Vaseline, similarly, every other audio software is generalized as Autotune.

With the advent of Autotune, almost everyone is a singer out there.

Even if it has some advantages, it has disadvantages as well. Music has lost its disciplined dignity. Hardworking artists are starving, while people with no talent but huge capital are acing the race.

Today, I’m sharing tips with you so that you can detect autotune and be more careful with your choices in music. My roommate, Shaurya Vikram Singh, shared these tips with me and they’ve been really helpful to me. Even if I listen to Pop music, most of the times, the reason is in lyrics or relatability.

1. Listen It Casually

Whenever you’re listening to any song, to analyze it, listening it casually yet carefully and consciously is a must. Just think what you feel about that song or music.

Think, if there is any flaw in that composition without altering settings at that moment.

2. Speed It Up!

After you’re done with the first stage, you can speed the music up. I usually do it 2X. It is the real test of the singers voice. 

At this stage, the background music fades, except in those cases, where the composition is highly music oriented.

This stage is the real test of the singer’s voice. If he/she sounds melodious even at such a speed, then, kudos, the music is not autotuned. In the opposite condition, you know, what I mean.

3. Slow It Down

Slowing it down has another set of benefits. Here also, you can test the singer’s voice, but the real test is of music. I’ve listened to a lot of songs at this speed and trust me, this formula works.

I usually listen some songs at the speed of 0.25X. If the composition is autotuned, the singer sounds drowsy or drunk. Moreover, the music loses its value. It indeed seems like the banging of metal along with glitching sounds.

Summing Up

These tricks are applicable on most of the platforms since they’ve such features enabled.

I must also bring to your attention that I’m not professionally related to music in any way. My former roommate is quite passionate about music. I got to learn this from him and added my own experiences and perceptions to it.

I also welcome your feedback. Comment below to let me know. 

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Hope you like it!

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