Why Is Blogging Losing Its Dignity?

Blogging has always been something fascinating to the general audience. It has been maintaining some dignity until the past five years. When I started blogging, it was considered an activity of the educated intellectuals. I was just thirteen then and people were awestruck in general to find me writing profoundly. To write well, you’ve to read more, which I did right from a tender age.

But now, when I see the present scenario, everything seems devastated and some devastation can be predicted.

Nowadays, people are less into blogging and more into being on youtube and social media influencing. But I must tell you that such platforms are not reliable, since you haven’t hosted them.

Since, social media influencers and youtubers require just a quarter of talent to flourish, many content creators have no value in their content , yet go viral just because, they’re sitting on a paramount capital.

As a result, many people entitle blogging as a profession of the unemployed.

I never saw this much amount of cursing and abusing when I started using social media. I never saw its usage in real life before my teenage. How has this negativity emerged so much? Hardly any civilized and educated parent would use abusive language in front of his ward. No reputable educational institution has any tutorial over how to curse and abuse. Where has this negativity emerged from?

The fact is, that the negativity is from the content we consume.

Yesterday, I was just surfing through my Instagram feed in the evening and I found a person I know criticizing a post by sharing it. I just opened it and found that the account belonged to a small school boy and  he was using at least two abusive words in every sentence. I couldn’t believe it. And you won’t believe it, every of his recent videos had no less than 20k views. The content he produces is getting an audience, why wouldn’t he love to show more of such dirtiness. That boy had even uploaded a shirtless. He had shared his youtube channel in the link of his bio. I found his birth date from his channel’s cover picture. He was born in 2006, which means he was just 14. Just imagine what the mindset of such a boy would be when he grows up.

Scrolling down his Instagram feed, I found a post of 2018 of Bhuvan Bam. This shows that the boy used to watch BBKiVines when he was just 12.

Bhuvan Bam is a youtuber who posts vulgar content. Still, he has emerged in various TV commercials and has been glorified by even the mainstream media.

I must tell you that Bhuvan Bam is the youtuber, who invited Johny Sins, a notorious pornstar.

When 13-14 year olds are behaving this way, just imagine, who is putting this down their heads?

Talking about CarryMinati, who is the richest content creator of India became so after spreading so much of hatred through his youtube video against TikTok. Upon expulsion of his video from Youtube, his fans showed blind support to him. Even it seems to me his PR stunt.

And now, that Gaurav Vasan was doing good deeds and helped Baba Ka Dhaba flourish; being jealous that he might outshine these talentless youtubers, Lakshay Chaudhary, who hails from my city itself, framed him in his video without the complete knowledge.

You might call it comedy or fun, but when you involve legal action in it, it’s no longer the same.

I’ll write about Baba Ka Dhaba in another post.

Instagram is no longer the platform of creativity. I was checking the accounts I gave shoutouts before the onset of 2019. To my dismay, more than half of them have exited the content creation industry by giving up. I feel sad. Their content was so good. Are comedy and memes everything? Are we losing our sense of judging creativity and talent?

Directors and producers use foul language in web series, calling it ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘no censor board pressure’. But have they ever fulfilled their social responsibilities. Who would care of the social fabric of India?

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