Baba Ka Dhaba

The Complete #BabaKaDhaba Case

Note- This article is based on the content of Gaurav Wasan as well as his testimonies of both the parties. If there’s any point that we missed, we would love to have the feedback from our audience.

With hashtags like #justiceforgauravwasan, #boycottbabakadhaba and #boycottlakshaychaudhary trending on Instagram and other social media platforms, we found it indeed necessary to write about the case.

First things first, Gaurav found a small eatery in Malviya Nagar named ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ in despair. Eatery owner Mr. Kanta Prasad AKA ‘Baba’ runs the small dhaba with his wife. The dhaba is running since 1980s and the elderly couple is an octogenarian.

Baba cries while giving the interview to Wasan. Gaurav offers to help Baba by sharing his video along with his account details on Instagram as well as Youtube. The video was shared on other social media platforms as well.

The video was the new social media sensation. Gaurav’s account got verified with the followers soaring from 50k to 200k and are still increasing each new day. The video itself got over 30 million views and 1 million likes in no time. The very next day, the funds were complete and Gaurav posted a video thanking the donors and asking them not to donate further since the received funds were sufficient for Baba.

Baba received INR 75000 donations in cash. He got huge sales. Further, his eatery was also listed on Zomato. The video as well was shared by eminent celebrities of the country as well as abroad. Along with this, Baba got a refrigerator from a soft drinks company, a water purifier was sponsored by another company and his and his wife’s cataract was treated for free by an ophthalmologist of Delhi itself.

But, this blessing was short lived for them. A youtuber, Lakshay Chaudhary, among others accused Gaurav of embezzling the funds and misappropriating them. Baba was also manipulated to file an FIR against Gaurav.

Gaurav showed all the evidences possible. He showed it on excel sheet. He further showed his Bank Verified Statements. He even showed the videos of him giving all the funds he had to Baba.

Here are a few points, one can interpret from the situation.

1.     Baba should still be grateful to Gaurav

Even if we believe for a second that Gaurav is guilty of misappropriation, it is true that it is only because of Gaurav that Baba has been uplifted out of despair. He had just earned INR70 that entire day. Keeping the funds with Gaurav aside, the value of what he has with himself is no less. He got so many companies sponsor him. He got a free surgery. He got cash donations. His bank account was seized because of massive amount of donations pouring in.

Lakshay was not there to help him in the first place.

2.     Culture of roasting creates jealousy

Lakshay Chaudhary’s roasting can make people laugh. But, he has no right to defame others. Gaurav’s altruist act has driven others, especially, the talentless youtubers sitting on paramount capital envious of his positive popularity. Otherwise, how would they know, how much have they received.

3.     Greed is good for none

Baba has enough funds to continue and is in a better position. But, since he has received so much of spotlight, he has turned greedy and arrogant, which is evident from his testimonies as well. This might impact his reputation in the long run and hardly would people like to visit his dhaba in future.

4.     Baba’s illiteracy

To sustain money, one must be thinking that way. Seems like Baba is either illiterate or barely educated, so he is having hard time managing money and staying grounded.

Most of the overnight sensations, celebrities and lottery winners go broke once again with the passage of time.

5.     Help by taking precautions

It’s Gaurav’s fault as well. He should have done a proper background check of the couple, whether they were the right recipient of the help.

Baba’s family also came in light during the incident. They confessed that they asked the couple to leave because Baba was a dipsomaniac and used to beat the family. Such a person is not trustworthy, which is pretty obvious.


We all must pray that Gaurav gets justice. People who’re framing him should pay for their Karma.

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