Where Has The LGBT Movement Gone Wrong?

When certain sections of 377 of the IPC were decriminalized in September 2018, I knew this was coming. I knew that more people would come out. Mainstream media from then on was constantly pushing it down the people’s throats.

Even though I don’t support the LGBT community at all, I would still not indulge in any bullying with them. Because, at least I respect their existence.

I have always been supporting humanly treatment of everyone; especially when it had already been proven that psychiatric, psychological or legal interventions did not help the queers at all.

However, the generalization that is being made and how it is creating a havoc for straight people is not right at all and should definitely be opposed.

So, I’m writing out some things that are definitely wrong with generalizing the LGBT movement.

What causes queerness?

The science is evolving everyday, hence, it is difficult to identify what is subtle and what is not.

However, I can write this from my understanding.

I recently read The Intermediate Sex by Edward Carpenter where the author has tried to identify from where homosexuality actually begins. Even though the science has evolved since the time he would have completed writing the text, still it is a good effort which cannot be nullified. 

I found this book when it was mentioned in another masterpiece on which a movie has also been made, A Man Who Knew Infinity by Robert Kanigal

So, we can explore a few reasons which can behind the development of queerness in teenagers.

Illegitimate Content Consumption

Sex Education has been normalized and promoted in schools and colleges which has taken all the decency that was expected out of such institutions. Teaching such subjects have been proven to have no outcome, but have definitely fed the students with lust.

I recently read a book, Red Alert by Jatayu which details about how sex education leads to the subversion of young children.

Even if this thing is controlled, the content the youngsters consume in informal setting also needs to be kept a tab on.

Porn, that exploit millions of men, women and children worldwide is legal. God knows why. What is shown is definitely not real. But children definitely assume so. It definitely affects their mental health.

Even if this is eliminated, what they watch on TV and Web still needs to be monitored. More cinematic pieces are coming up with these topics.

Going Beyond Friendship

Ever wondered that some times you have such a special friend that you find that the existing levels of friendships of society are not sufficient to explain your friendships.

You might not. This is because it is rare. Many people go to the depths of friendship with the person of the same gender as theirs and they feel like friendship is not a sufficient description of such a stage.

Lack of Guidance and Communication

When such people want to communicate with the people around about how they feel about someone and what they should do, because of unawareness, they don’t get a satisfactory answer which makes them take a wrong step.

Unclear Gender and Family Roles

Many queer individuals come from backgrounds with unclear gender roles, such as a divorced or single parent (no intention of disgrace to anyone, they deserve respect for struggling to bring their kids up.) , facing any trauma in childhood, witnessing any queer person getting support or improper standards at school etc.

This makes them unclear about what men and women are supposed to do to raise their families. They’re easily influenced by the queer ideas because they sound good and less complicated.

Unnatural Diet

Researches have proven that when men and women consume diets which are not favourable for them, they might start behaving the opposite way.

For e.g. Oestrogen introduced in a male body through Soy and beer.

or Testosterone introduced in a female body through a diet specific to that.

In certain researches, Mercury was found to turn the birds gay. Also, atrazine was found to be the reason behind the frogs turning gay.

In 1994, Wright Laboratory in Ohio developed a bio warfare technique known as ‘Gay Bomb’ where the soldiers found attraction to the other soldiers of their own camp. This made them fall in love and too weak to indulge in war.

How are the straight people suffering daily?

Don't Force Pronouns on Everyone

In many metro cities, many people start the conversations with asking, “what are your pronouns?”.  Many people (even the straight ones) have started putting pronouns on their social media handles.

Like what? If you want to do it, do it. You cannot oblige another person to do this with you.

The next time anyone asks you about your pronouns, say, ” I’m a straight man/ woman; I use the pronouns that naturally go with me. Hence, address me the way you should.”

In English speaking countries, it can still be understood; but, why are non native English speakers using pronouns with them?

Don't force your gender terms

Straight men and women are simply men and women. They needn’t use the jargons a gender studies major thinks they need. Let them stick with their chaos.

It might be a phase

Again, just imagine that your young one comes up one day back from school and has started using different pronouns or wants to be identified with a different gender. Would you be okay with it?

If you’re okay with it now, keep in mind what your offspring is going to witness while growing up.

It is not wrong or unjustified to believe that it’s more of a phase. For some people it might last long while, for others it might be a phase where they feel like it or have been influenced by someone else.

I strongly believe that any parent with a strong cultural foundation would never accept this thing. Getting strict might also not help, but communication may. You can follow the steps that have been prescribed after a few paragraphs.

What exactly is the problem with LGBT?

It is unhealthy

Sex isn’t assigned at birth, hence it cannot be changed. This is the core biology.

80% of the minors who feel that their orientation is of LGBT lose such feelings when they are of age.

If a child insists on getting his sex reassigned and doesn’t feel like it later, what option will he be left with? Regret!

Using puberty blockers inhibits the growth of children. The same goes with birth control measures. I don’t understand why both of them are being promoted.

It is unnatural

It is unnatural for men to hook up with men and women with women. Anal has been proven to cause incontinence. There are many diseases (Like the STDs) that can come on persistence of going against the nature. Also, many researches show that LGBT couples are more prone to abuse, having more partners and various mental health disorders.

As per the late speaker Rajiv Dixit, India is a country which has been spiritually advanced since ages.

Having a progeny is a form of paying off your matri and pitri rina. This is a form of showing your indebtedness to your parents about the efforts they laid in your upbringing. You’re showing that you’re creating your own progeny to make the same efforts to continue the humanity on the Earth.

Indians have been indulged in Bhakti and have lived their lives like a challenge given by the almighty himself.

Breaks down the family unit

LGBT has to be fitted into the picture because it is not already.

Many state board textbooks are already working on stories having two father, two mothers and so on; but we all know, this is not real.

They cannot generate any child of their own. It is either adopted or from another marriage.

The purpose of having a baby is not just a formality, it is to carry on the family DNA, the genome, the Gotra, Varna etc. 

Men are supposed to give a moral structure to their children. Men should emerge as a fatherly figure in the lives of their children. They’re supposed to teach them to be disciplined.

While, women are supposed to bring softness in the lives of children in the form of sympathy and morality.

Prevalence of weird concepts

Just google, “Can men get pregnant?” and see what result emerges on the top.
If you want to support transpersons, it is okay; but please don’t generalize something that’s misleading.

There’re many types of transgenders who turn out to be this way where it was not voluntary like the unambiguous type or the intersex type. Here, we can understand them. But, those who just come out to be of another gender because they don’t feel like it; is it okay for you?


Where has the term 'Body Positivity' been misused?

If any individual has faced any issue in his life which was not his contribution, then we can definitely understand. Such issues with any person could have been caused by any unfortunate event or illness and we must respect that.

But there is another set of people taking its advantage. There’re people who’re overeaters and have fattened a lot because of this. Using derogatory terms is definitely not justified. But, telling them that they’re beautiful and they needn’t change is not at all justified. 

Fat remains fat and it is unhealthy. We needn’t generalize being fat in all the international health magazines, just because a person feels euphoric being fat.

There’s another segment of the population which promotes extensively that men can also do makeup. By doing makeup, such men are already contradicting their body positivity. If you’re body positive, you mean you accept yourself the way you’re. You should accept your natural beauty and should give up makeup altogether.

The world would have changed hugely if both men and women opted for natural beauty standards and gave up the cosmetics. But this is not possible when the huge body positivity trend has been started by fashion and lifestyle brands only.

By endorsing various brands, Pseudo Body Positivity Activists show it right away that they’re contradicting their statement of ‘ All Bodies Are Beautiful’ by creating a FOMO of that product in your mind. This also shows that somewhere in their minds, the beauty standards still exist.

What to do if anyone you know turns out to be queer?

If it is not about your own family, like your siblings or offsprings; then, it is definitely their final decision that would be binding on them. However, with your family, you can influence their decision. But, don’t be harsh on anyone. Take time, give time and follow the steps I’m mentioning that might be helpful for you or other things.

Note: These tips are written on a lighter note and are not indeed to act as a substitute for any therapy or medical procedure.

Look on the sources of content

What kind of content are they consuming? Are they watching or reading anything on that subject? Porn? TV? Web Series? Look into it and talk to them about this. If the matter is about a child, change the schedule. Bring them something more suitable to read and watch.

If you think that sex education in their school or college is responsible behind what is happening, talk your concern there.

Look at their company

What kind of company do your children really have? What topics do they talk on? What are their behaviors? What are they up to in their lives? Are they ambitious or casual strollers? Make sure you know.

You can teach them to treat the boys as their brothers by addressing them as ‘bhai‘ or ‘bhaiya‘ and girls as sister by calling them ‘behen‘ or ‘didi‘. (In the context of Hindi) Developing a brocode or a healthy relationship is really helpful. Do it before they make another meaning of how they’re associated with the people around them.

Also, don’t forget to respect their privacy. But, stick to the point, no matter what.

Tell them it's a phase

It’s not wrong to tell your children that it’s a phase. Don’t accept such condition right away. Instead talk to them. Ask them to take their time, but don’t settle.

Teach them about the gender roles and family units

Teach them about how a mother and a father are both responsible in their own ways to raise the family. Teach them to be grateful for your efforts (but not egoistically). Also teach them to respect single and divorced parents who are struggling.

Put in the science and history

Many queer people justify by citing examples of science (that it’s normal) and history (like misinterpreting the scriptures). 

You can beat them in their own game with truth.

Put in the science, like how queer people suffer with various diseases later on. How such relationships are unsuccessful. 

Tell the sons about history. About how their ancestors struggled for the rights. How the society needs strong men. In case of daughters, tell them about valorous women and those who stood up. Those who worked. Those who looked after the families. 

I personally recommend you to start with any scripture. There’re various books by Geetapress for various ages. You’ll get a lot to discuss on.

Divert attention

You can try diverting their attention to some productive activities which would also be helpful.

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