9 Work-Life Balance Tips for Women

Where and how has the modern feminism gone wrong?

Starting it as a disclaimer, this piece of content is not propagating misogyny, but just highlighting how modern feminism has turned out to be a sham. I always promote women who’re passionate about their education and careers. However, I’m equally supportive of the women who’re more concerned about their homes and families. This is a money guide for women who prefer the latter.

Feminism as a movement started with getting women support the economy during the world wars, depression as well as the industrial revolutions.

It earlier asked for equality between men and women.

But these days, feminism is more about women’s envy with their natural traits and polarity.

Everything illegitimate is justified by women these days, just on the name of feminism. Be it promiscuity, abortion or other activities.

Eras might change, but the psychology remains the same. Men like gracious women, not the cheap ones. Bold men like feminine women who’re mature enough, yet do not act like their husbands’ mothers but wives who discuss everything with them.


Double Taxes

Men and women share the population in exactly half.

When only the men worked, the government found only half of the population eligible. If there were any chances of promoting women to work, they had an opportunity to tax the remaining half population.

Children Out Too Soon


Taking them out of their homes, their children were left vulnerable. Hence, an average child, who went to school at the age of five or was entirely homeschooled, started going to the school at the age of two or three. This made his mind susceptible to indoctrination.

With the homeschooling movement rising again along with more people careful about their parental rights, it is obvious that let alone the remaining schooling, kindergarten is definitely a waste. Many homeschooled children have demonstrated a good learning experience over the systematically schooled children.

At least, you wouldn’t have your children coming over to you from school, lost in thought about what gender they should identify themselves with or what pronouns they should use.

But, I respect women and I suggest they plan a way out so that they can develop their career while looking after their families at the same time. Being a woman is a divine job and is definitely not easy. Still, this is why they’ve got this responsibility.


Normalized every bad habit

Just open your social media and any feminist page out there, How many women would you see fighting to get a job or educational opportunity? But, many would be fighting to legalize abortion, showing that promiscuity, cursing, smoking and drinking are okay to bring them equal to men.

Degeneration and subversion.

If abortion and promiscuity are legalized, justified and normalized, couples would never be serious. Further, mothers would have no affection for their children. All these qualities would only be the things of past.

Homemaking is priceless!

Just because the homemakers are not adding any money to the family and GDP does not mean they’ve no roles. They’re bringing up and binding the families which working women cannot compete with. Modern feminism sometimes weakens the family unit.

Ambitious and career oriented women should definitely be supported. But this is to be noted that a woman’s children and family are her own, her job is not. It’s her employer’s.

Unlike traditionalists, who believe they should prioritize their families, I believe, that if a woman wants to focus on her career; she should indulge in a sound planning about her married life and family, that how is she going to manage that. This is also important.

This article is especially for the purpose.

What advantages do housewives have over working women?

1. They're Healthier

Yes, homemaking is challenging. Yet, housewives are much less in stress and even if they do, things are mostly in their control.

They get to sleep adequately for 8 hours straight. They eat healthy and on time. Some even more passionate women can join any fitness activity or can indulge in social affairs which would enrich their lives. They can read, knit or do anything they like after they’re done with their daily duties.

2. They save family expenditure

In any metro city, raising a family is an expensive affair.

Even though corporate women also support their families in their own ways, homemakers support the family by saving various expenses.

A family where both the members are working have to outsource the housesitting and babysitting which are also counted among expensive services in such areas.

Homemakers save the budget when it comes to them.

Working couples tend to hang out a lot on weekends and other days, thus extinguishing a huge amount annually. 

3. They save on the family's financial load

Working couples have less time to devote for financial planning. If the wife is a homemaker, she can indulge in saving and investing the money while her husband is wholeheartedly dedicated to his work.

4. They look after the family

Unlike corporate women, housewives don’t have to travel long distances and spend hours in a job. Hence, they have sufficient time to look after their families.

Housewives do not have to send their children to school or daycare centers early. This develops a solid foundation for the children.

Traditional families ensure proper communication among all the members of the family.

How can the women manage their families and careers the same time?

Many women have to either surrender on their careers or families. Many of them struggle every day while many of them carry it well. Hats off to all.

Here are some ways through which they can plan it effectively.

1. Start Early

A teenager can start earning. He needs to put his energy at the right place to get the results.

I’ve seen a lot of 13-14 girls posting cheap tiktok videos which would eventually lead to their subversion. If they can do this at such an age, they can freelance any marketable skill to earn money.

The earlier you start, the more you’ll earn later on and it would be easy for you to retire and earn from your passive income if you wish.

2. Plan a career

With planning a career, I mean a career, not a job. You might have a job, but don’t make it the primary thing for the long run. The job is not yours, it’s your employer’s. 

Plan what you’re good at. Enhance your skills.

Go to the school and college you want to. Please don’t pursue any majors in basic subjects. You can do that online for free. Challenge yourself. Do something difficult. You’ve that time.

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3. Be financially intelligent to be independent

I’ve seen a lot of young men and women waste their hard earned money because they don’t know about managing it and using it to make further money for them.

Be financially intelligent. Read more, know more and stay informed.

4. Talk to your fiancé or husband

Your fiance or husband is your other significant half. He is going to be a lot more influential about how well you do in your career. Whatever your priorities are, discuss them well with your husband in advance. Clear everything out. 

If things work out for you, good for you. If they don’t, you’ve an option of working the other ways out. Put your wit to it.

5. Make a financial plan with what ifs

Do the practical daydreaming. Make a financial plan with your potential income adjusted with each year’s inflation. Along with it, write your expected expenditure. Make a dummy balance sheet of your assets and liabilities. 

Done with this? Now plan the worst of situations in your head and what solutions you’ll come up with. Especially, if you’re a woman, it gets immensely important.

The assumptions can be funny, but can help you get even more prepared.

Suppose, ” You’ve your business set up in Delhi and your husband is transferred to France. He wants to take the family along. You’re supposed to think of a solution about your business.”

” You’d set up an offline business, but you’re married off to a foreigner.”

” You’re married off in a traditional household where you’re not allowed to work at all.”

“Everything was going well with you and your family, but after the childbirth, you’ve to give up on your career.”

Plan a solution to every wildest situation that comes to your mind.

Future is always unpredicted, but you can do what’s in your hand.

6. Plan about the maternity and upbringing gap

Your husband and in laws might be open minded but you might be required to give up your work once you’re a mother. Plan your career accordingly.

7. Plan a side career with a remote point of view

Many jobs can be done remote these days. Hence, career options are no less for you.

Suppose you’re a scientist who has to give up on her career after the childbirth. You can now no longer go to any lab or something, but you can start teaching. You can start consultation. There’s nothing to stop you.

Hence, have a career while you can but; also develop a career from a remote point of view. This way, you would be able to secure your career better.

8. Start a business

The job you’ve is not yours but your employer’s. Hence, prioritizing your job over your family is not worth it. 

But, if you want to want to work, you can start a business. A business can be started in no money. Also, there’s no upper limit on how much you can invest in your business.

There’s definitely some work commitment, but less time commitment and definitely no schedule bound commitment.

You can hire or outsource the tasks to manage the workload.

9. Develop a passive income source to retire early

While developing your career, it is important to also invest some money to make you even more money. This would facilitate your early retirement.

The ways you can invest are plenty. You can invest in currencies, stocks, properties and so on.

In a nutshell

If planned the right way, motherhood and home making can be a good experience. In this era, no one wants to get stuck in a 9 to 5 lifestyle. Even men want to retire by their thirties. 

Being a housewife can be a nice experience for women, but all they need to ensure is the dignity that they deserve. Hence, a sound financial planning before and during the marital life to retire with a sound passive income or a business is what that can enable women to spend more time with their children and husband.

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