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Web Designers are not Professional Copywriters

Congrats on your new website. It is well designed. Technical SEO has been taken care of. Off Page SEO too. Brownie points.

But what is this? Is this what you call content?

No on page SEO taken care of. Keywords are stuffed like crazy. They do not make sense.

I do not have fun reading it. Has an English noob or a schoolboy written it?

Is this a joke?


Who wrote this?

The same web designer whom you hired to design your website wrote the content too. You saved money, bro. But really?

You cry once by spending a big figure but frequently on spending less.

If that was an agency, that might have been better. Because the work would have been delegated to an actual content writer.

Writing needs practice. They’ll most likely try to fit everything. It will be low quality.

It is thus less likely that a web designer would double up as a writer.

Hire a separate writer or work with agencies which have teams with a person of this role.

David Oglivy

Broke at 38 yet the world’s best copywriter at 41. What else do you need to trust him?

He flourished in 80s. Even in this digital age, no one can beat this man.

He never had to mess himself up in the actual work, though. He had to put the entire company Ogilvy and Mather in place.

I suggest you read ‘Ogilvy on Advertising’ to know how the copywriting is a separate domain and how you can make the best use of it.

Why do you need a copywriter?

To sound flawless.

Nobody’s perfect. I agree.

But, to not seek perfection is a bigger mistake. The journey of seeking perfection brings greatness.

You cannot take Content for granted. Content determines which impact drives which touchpoint.

Hence, a copywriter can help you achieve the goal of sounding flawless.

Designer has designed well, now you want to have the perfect content.

A good designer can design your website well. This is an important milestone of your brand. The brand identity is present. Colour scheme is appropriate. Graphics are there. UI-UX-CX are on point. The design and structure of the website help it rank well.

However, if the content is not on point, it would spoil the vibe.

Complement on the web design

The content, if written right, would complement the web design and ameliorate its impact multiple folds. The opposite happens if not written right.

Integrating keywords keeping in mind the interaction

To rank on search engines, you need to organically integrate the trending keywords in your content. Nothing can beat this step. A writer can help you in this regard.

Concluding Remarks

Whenever you approach a web designer, make sure you discuss about how he will deal with content. Only if he specializes in content writing, then appoint him for content. Appoint a copywriter separately.

If you have the web design and now are looking for the copies, you have landed at the right place. You can contact me anytime.

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