How My Life Transformed After Joining Gymnastics?

My Eighth standard in school was my stage of transition. I brought some changes all in my body, mind, emotions and soul. Today I’m going to share with you the time I joined gymnastics. From the time I was a small kid, I was never ever interested in sports, especially I thought about others that they were interested in sports as if all of them were going to be sports persons some day.

How I joined Gymnastics?
It was post-Diwali period of year 2014. I was in the school. I saw in the adjoining classroom many students were rushing out like a flock of sheep in the zero period. I was keen to know that what happened.

I came to know that a new coach of gymnastics has arrived in school. I was quite disappointed as it was a part of physical activity and I had always resisted physical activities. Still that rush instilled in me a curiosity, I went there to know more.
For most the people associated with physical education are strict or they are generally not valued so much by the students just because of a bit prejudice. But when I looked at the face of our gymnastics coach she wasn’t strict, she was serene and lenient. Alas! I didn’t ask her name, or else this post would have been more exciting. Call this post my contribution for the teachers’ day. I usually find my teachers good enough, still some memories remain forever.
Our gymnastics coach was young, she took some of our tests which were easy and I cleared. She at instances herself illustrated us with the exercises and poses.
She was educated from the sports college of Gorakhpur and Lucknow. She had nice personality, her vibes were holy. Something you’ll be able to understand, something is beyond words.

What changes did Gymnastics bring about in me?

Within a week I learnt not to underestimate any field of career. I also self-learnt to make an idea about someone’s personality with his opening his mouth, yes vibes tell everything. I started taking interest in being physically fit. Our coach made us practice some warm up exercises before the acts, she declared that even if we aren’t able to be successful, we can be fit. Yes, I was never truly successful in Gymnastics as I was not good at cart-wheel or handstand but those warm up exercises, I even use them with my yoga schedule, it’s really that accurate and reliable.
Well I was on the fact that I was not able to do Cart-wheel or Hand stand, the coach kept on sympathizing me that I will succeed. Although I did not, I lost my weight rapidly. I was good at front-roll, back-roll. Once there was a kind of front roll which ought to be done without the use of hands. I tried, succeeded; but that act gave my back a ferrocius pain. Even at that time I was thinking I should stop it.
 Once in the evening my dad was shaking me out in fun. Out of pain in my back I cried out. My dad asked me what happened, I told him everything. Now look what happened. I was then just thirteen year old and dad told I should have tried it in childhood, it wasn’t my age. However he is careful about me. I was about to leave Gymnastics, still I thought that how far have I come I mustn’t look back. I continued.

Summing Up…

I got several life lessons from gymnastics.
  • Don’t Underestimate Any Field Of Career.
Especially Physical education of gymnastics. Everyone and everything has a special quality. 

  • Physical Fitness is Important.

Before the time I joined gymnastics I didn’t know the importance of Physical fitness but now I do know. Although I don’t do gymnastics anymore still I now have indulged in yoga and morning walk.

  • Perseverance
I was never able to do cart-wheel nor hand stand still I persevered and continued. Even after I got a terrible back sprain I continued.
  • You’re Good At Something.
No matter if I wasn’t able to do cart wheel or hand stand I was good at front roll, back roll and the front roll without the use of hands. This gives me pride.
  • Sympathize And Be Sympathized.
I didn’t lose hope because our coach was there who sympathized us.
  •  Never Underestimate Yourself
I was jeered when I joined Gymnastics. Still I found that I must do whatever matters me. Only those in my life I do give the right to criticize who help me.
  • Respect your Teachers.
You must respect your teachers as they’ll guide you, motivate you and will surely help you. Even your friends can at sometimes be jealous of you but not teachers.
Well I feel you read this post, tell me how was your experience when at first you joined something about which people jeered you but you did it. Comment below. You can also follow me on my social media accounts where you can get more zealous content.

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