Happy Raksha Bandhan: Here’s How We Celebrated It

Raksha Bandhan is the festival of bonding between brothers and sisters. The spirit of celebrating festivals has underwent a significant change within the past 50 years. Now, more than love or affection, money plays the role; to which I disagree.
Here are the 4 Ways We Celebrated A Happy Raksha Bandhan.

1. Visited The Second Sister at Her Hostel.
We made a visit to the second sister at her college hostel in Greater Noida.
We didn’t pay attention to the decor of the place, you can see the environment. Both of my sisters tied the Rakhis around my wrist in the warden’s compartment, which was the biggest icon of simplicity.
shiv sangal, rakhi, raksha bandhan

2. We Promoted Simple Rakhis.

When you buy costly rakhis, you find them very heavy which are intolerable for your wrist to work with. Soon you discard them within a few days. If you promote the purchase of simple rakhis, you save money and those rakhis stay longer on your wrists.
Shiv sangal, rakhi, raksha bandhan
My cousin Parkhi tying Rakhi On my wrist.

All the pictures used in this article (including the one in header picture) are clicked by me only using DSLR Nikon D3200. You can buy it for yourself by clicking here.

3. We Didn’t Make Moments To Click, We clicked the moments.

Nowadays, many people have made their lives picture oriented. They do everything to make their pictures to stand out on instagram. They do everything just to click pictures and upload them.
If we make moments and thenrecord them, we’ve got a benefit. Candid pictures are praised the best. Also when you get pictures clicked doing what you’re really enjoying, happiness is expressed through your eyes.
Raksha Bandhan at Bikanerwala, Greater Noida.

4.We Dined Simple but Sufficient.

People are getting food conscious nowadays. But mindsets of people remains the same. Some people fill their plates even with what they don’t need. As a result, that food gets wasted. This Raksha Bandhan we dined simply but sufficiently.
shape99, dining table, shiv sangal, muzaffarnagar, Raksha Bandhan
The dining table at home laid up very well.
We also visited Bikanerwala Restaurent in Greater Noida for breakfast as well as The Cheetal Grand , Khatauli for Lunch.
shiv sangal, bikanerwala, greater noida, raksha bandhan
It was a serene experience at Bikanerwala, Greater Noida.
The cheetal Grand, khatauli, Muzaffarnagar
The view from the balcony of The Cheetal Grand, Khatauli
The Cheetal Grand, Khatauli, Muzaffarnagar,Lotus, Fishes.
A lotus and the fishes at The Cheetal Grand, Khatauli.

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