Should You Really Apply For Revaulation of Your Boards?

Should you apply for revaluation of your 10th and 12th boards' marks? How to get good marks in Accountancy class 12th without tuitions? Things to keep in mind while opting for computer science in 11th and 12th class. How to perform well in class 12th practicals.
So, this article is basically a lesson, which I learnt in the time period starting from April 2018 till yesterday. I think every student from class 9th to 12th should read this in order to avoid the mistakes I made. This is the summary of my school life.
First of all, I want to give a disclaimer that though I’m a meritorious student, I’m not that brilliant in terms of academics. There are students in my class who’ve done a lot better than me. Some have hattricks of centuries while I haven’t completed a century in even one subject. 

In this article, I might not be able to cover every topic of my class 11th and 12th life, but I’ll try my best to share the best of my experiences. The methods or tricks which I devised might not work on you so think carefully before implementation.

Revaluation Process…Is It Worth it?

I’ve perhaps taken a long time to come to this topic as tomorrow it will be a month since our results arrived.
I looked at my result and I was shocked. English– 98, Accountancy– 95, Economics and Physical Education in 80s and Computer Science was no doubt 56 (It was set aside because it was the sixth subject). Finally, I looked at my Business studies’ marks and unbelievably they were…Alas! 61.
I was confident enough that it’s impossible that I got more marks in Accountancy than Business Studies.
I decided for the revaluation process.
  • The first stage began on 4th May and was to continue till 8th May. It included the verification of marks and checking for omission . Candidate was supposed to pay Rs. 500 as fees. After a few days, I got an email accompanied with speed post that 4 marks were increased. It was upon me to continue with the further procedure.
  • In the second stage, a candidate was supposed to pay the sum of Rs.700 and get an online photocopy of his answer-sheet. When I looked at the answersheet, I found  that the teacher might have been a strict one, I wasn’t given full marks in even a single questions although I had written everything right.
  • In the third stage, the candidate was supposed to mention the questions in which correction was required. The fees was Rs. 100 per question. I applied for four questions. In this stage only 1 marks was increased.  In total my result upgraded by just one percent.
And the money that was earned by CBSE in this process was 500+700+(100*4)= 1600.
This is really weird. So, I just suggest you that in case you feel that your marks are not what you expected, you can apply for the first stage; but if you’re not satisfied with the results of first stage, then don’t apply for the second stage. This is just a business model.

The Ultimate Trick That Helped Me To Get 95/100 in Accountancy.

First of all, let me tell you that it’s hardly my work. First of all, it’s the grace of god. Secondly it was the goodness of my accountancy teacher who made me study ( I don’t want to mention her name due to privacy purposes).
So, let me tell you all about it.

My Phobia With Tuitions

I never like having tuitions. You might call me egotist or narcissist but I’m telling you, I’m a free spirit. However, this doesn’t mean that I’ve never had tuitions. Once, when I was in LKG, my mom thought to get me a tuition. For this she took me on my birthday to my then class teacher. But, I felt bored, so I came back. Ten years after this incident, I was promoted to ninth standard. Our maths teacher who was also our class teacher knew just about gossiping. She taught nothing but promoted of her tuitions in the parents’ teachers’ meetings.
Finally, thinking of no way out, I had to pursue a tuition; but not with our money minded school teacher; instead, our neighbouring maths teacher. He really taught well. Because of his help, I was able to score A1 in my Class 10th exams. Ours was the last batch with the CCE pattern and home board.

How to get above 90% in Accountancy without tuitions.

In class 11th, I was fully determined that I won’t pursue tuitions no matter what. In that year, I scored well. But in the Half yearly’s and Pre-boards of class 12th, I didn’t score well. So my parents and my siblings as well as my teacher were really anxious about me. I should pursue tuitions was the last advice every second person would give me and this statement was the conclusion of every discussion they had.
I was always taunted with statements, like “It’ll benefit you.” , “There’s nothing bad in listening to your elders (sarcastic)” , “Step out of your ego”, “Kitna ziddi hai tu” .
But I was confident. I didn’t want to pursue tuitions. So here are a few ways in which you can score good in accounts.

1. Get Your Teacher’s Support

Your dream of tuition free learning can never be realised unless your teacher is supportive. You should ask your queries to him/her. My teacher always supported me. Though she also asked me to get a tuitions somewhere, she’s the one who realised that if I work hard, I won’t need the tuitions.

2. Work Smart

Some children might get the help of different books. But if I must suggest you, choose one book and stick to it. For example, you’ve 5 chapters to prepare for a certain exam. Instead of prepare 5 chapters, five times from 5 different books, prepare them 5 times from the same book. In this way, you’ll be more relaxed. Suppose, in an exercise, there are 100 questions, out of which you’ve 10 wrong in first time practice. Leave them there. After a few days, start again, this time work on those questions first. This is a good way of rectification without getting frustrated. Instead of buying different books, focus on one book and get different sample papers.
Another disadvantage of buying many books is that questions might repeat as they are all based on different exams.
I studied from T.S Grewal. You can find it on any book store or you can buy it on amazon.
I don’t suggest you to buy NCERTs as their questions are already covered.

3. Choose Your Syllabus Right.

This is the trick, noone would have ever told. This is a trick which is not popular because, it will kill the incomes of many tutors and book writers. But this trick is damn exciting and easier than before.
This is not a new trick but this is not highlighted.
Yes, you can choose a part of your syllabus and it can win you 20 marks of your theory for granted as well as the 20 marks of your practical. 
If you can see, I mentioned the links of three parts of T.S.Grewal. Ist part is of partnership and is compulsory. 2nd part features Companies and is compulsory as well. But the third part, which features Analysis Of Financial Statements is not compulsory. Instead of it, you can opt for Computerized Accountancy. There is no supplementary book for this, so you must buy its NCERT copy only. You’ll hardly be able to find it in bookstores as they bring only those books schools and tuition teachers approve them for. You can find it on Amazon.
 However, If due to any reason, you can’t buy it, you can download it from NCERT’s official website for free and get it printed. Caution!! You can get the books you download from NCERT’s site only for your own use, you can’t sell it; it’s an offence.
The syllabus of Computerized Accountancy is really easy. It has 4 chapters based on Ms.Excel, 1 chapter is an introduction to Tally while 1 chapter is the application of Ms.Access. These 6 chapters are really easy if you’re familiar with these softwares beforehand.
Practical is easy as well. You’re supposed to make 3 excel files and 3 access files and write them to CD. You’ll be given a test paper with two questions (One of excel while Another of access). After the viva, it will be over.


In order to get your marks revalued at CBSE, you must, at first be very confident as the money spent is sometimes not worth it. It’s not bad if you leave it after the first stage.
I also discussed some ways in which you can score good marks in Accountancy. 
I guess, this article seemed interesting to you. Share it and comment your views below.

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