How Much Time I Give To My Content?

I recently saw my college’s instagram post in my feed stating that they were looking for bloggers who would review the university. Along with it, a whatsapp number was given. I don’t know whose number was it; it might have been of someone from college’s PR department itself, anyone from office administration staff, anyone from faculty or even any senior.
I just wrote, “Hey, I would love to blog about (My college’s name). What is your payscale?
His immediate reply was, “That’s great, send us your name, department, batch and email id and I’ll get back to you shortly.” which was followed by another sentence, “This is an unpaid internship.
Alas! the tricky mindset. I was firmly resolved which made me reply very quickly, “It’s okay. Actually I’m professional in this regard, so I charge a small fee. I understand your situation anyway.
He asked me, “Okay. Are you still interested? Are you an alumni?
My final reply was, “No. No, I’m a first semester student.
This answer was followed with blue double ticks and no reply. The person on the receiving hand might have faced the first person answering against his institutionalized wickedness.
This poses a serious question, Is a blogger’s content cheap and easily available? No, obviously not. We’ve to work so hard to craft our content.

Whenever you have to get someone’s service for free, label it as an unpaid internship. Claim to give the interns exposure and experience, exploitation will follow.

I’m writing this article as a blogger still struggling to find my living. I’m going to discuss, How much time I give to the content you get from my side.

How Much Time I Give To My Content?

At some points of time, I get my ideas naturally. At another patch of time, I suffer from writers’ block and I’ve to chase for ideas. I read often and surf on Internet and Instagram often to find inspiration.

On an average, the probable time required to find ideas, seek inspiration and gather information is 1.5 hours.

After, I have an idea and related information in my mind, if that topic requires me to photograph, it takes 1 hour or more.

Still, on an average, it can be considered that photography requires 1 hour of time.

After I have my pictures, I have to convert the RAW files to JPG. Conversion is followed by editing. I’m not quite intensive in this regard, but this stage is still prominent. A picture is sixty per cent clicked and forty per cent edited.

Editing and conversion of pictures take 1 hour on an average.

After, editing and conversion, the content has to be posted. I start writing the article on my blog. Usually, if the article is text oriented, it is usually anywhere between 500-1000 words but sometimes it can exceed even more.
When the post is photo oriented, It’s usually comprised of 500 or less words.

On an average, writing a blog post requires 2 hours on an average.

My work is not over just after publishing the blog post. I’ve to share it across many spaces like my whatsapp story, instagram story, pinterest, indivine, twitter etc. To rank better and attract readers, I’ve to maintain a reputation among my readers. Sharing the posts generates backlinks. I also have to craft a campaign to inform my subscribers about my blog’s whereabouts.

Sharing of articles and backlink generation requires 1 hour on an average.

Summing Up

You can add the time which I told you is required at different stages of content creation.
   1.5 hours of finding inspiration
+ 1 hour of photographing 
+ 1 hour of editing and conversion
+ 2 hours of composing a blog post.
+ 1 hour of sharing, backlink generation and campaign crafting
   6.5 hours
You see, what I do is 6.5 hours of work. You must be sensible enough to understand that I don’t work this hard to provide someone free content. If you want to work with me, keep in mind, I charge a fee. You can contact me at .

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