What Are My Beliefs About Secularism And Religious Conversions?

Note- No attempt is made nor any intention is sustained to mislead or discriminate any particular race.
Secularism means that there is no particular religion fostered by the state. So secularism can be very well implemented in bringing dignity to all the people who come from different walks of life and varied backgrounds.
This implies that secularism can be very well implemented at macro level, where the interests of multitudes of people are considered.
On the contrary, if the concept is drawn to micro level, i.e, individually by a person, then it can solve its detrimental purpose.
If you support a school of thought, then you should be confident about it. You should have a reason for everything you do. If you don’t, there are fair chances you’ll abandon it soon. Today, many of our Sanatani traditions are dying just because of this.
You should respect every community, but you should know what is the speciality of your community which makes it stand out.
Today, many religious conversions are happening because of this reason. Many missionaries and other religious groups target Hindus which suffer from problems like breakup, stress, depression etc. Then they manipulate them that after following their religion they’ll be better than they were after they followed their own religion.
I can give you some common life examples which will make you believe what I say.


I don’t know why but until some time back, due to the influence of TV and Social Media, I started to believe that Non-Vegetarianism is not bad and it’s okay if one eats non-vegetarian food as it’s his own life. Social media was stuffed with content that if people don’t consume non-veg, population of animals will increase.
I didn’t find any proof of this notion. But I found that due to the rise of non-vegetarianism, 10000 species are extinct every year.
This is insane, if genocide of animals is considered normal.
Domestication of animals for consumption is the biggest reason of Amazon fire. 
Humans are postulated to be herbivores.
In ancient times, in coastal and hilly areas, people opted for non-vegetarian diets because they had less access to resources, but they can practice vegetarianism now because of the mobility and transportation.
Some egg-eaters call themselves eggetarian which is not proven. Some terrible egg-eaters even unabashedly call themselves vegetarian which is indeed hilarious.
What I want to tell you this, that after knowing all of this, If I still believe that I should respect a non-vegetarian person, I wouldn’t take long to become one myself, which I don’t want to. Actually, the biggest part of my respect is reserved for vegetarians only.
I won’t tell you long, just do your research and you’ll come to know of all the misdeeds done with animals.

Captivity Of Animals

I’ve always condemned the practice of keeping animals in captivity, though my family also practiced it for years.
We had a German-Shepherd She-Dog who lived miserably and just for eight years. She had tumors in her stomach. Her death was miserable. I cried as well.
We kept eleven fishes in our aquarium. My family enjoyed it. I didn’t, but to join them, I imitated the enjoyment. It was my assigned task to feed those fishes their food which was 30 fennel seeds coated with any supplement.
They all died sequentially within three months. We again got new set of eleven who again met the same destiny.
Whenever the aquarium cleaner came, he emptied them in a bucket, the scene of which was miserable.
Many people are like us, they fancy about foreign breeds which aren’t able to survive in India’s climate. A dog’s age is twelve years. But hardly, any dog in captivity meets the criterion.
Dogs also need organisms of their own race to interact with.
No matter, how much you take care of dogs in captivity, they won’t be happy.
If you feed stray dogs without capturing them, they’ll be more happy and healthy.
Instead of keeping fishes in your homes, go to any nearby pond or river and feed them there itself.
In Hindus, it is a prominent tradition to free cows and calves on Akshay Tritiya.
Even if you keep them in captivity, you should question yourself, is it required?

Things To Keep In Mind Before Converting.

1. Ask Yourself Questions

You must ask yourself, if you’re taking the decisions hurriedly.
Is it your own decision or are you influenced?
What are the shortcomings of your own religion?
Have you given the time you’ll be giving to your future religion to your present one?
Have you tried your present religion with a chance?
Do you feel yourself comfortable and loyal to the prospective religion?

2. Give Your Religion A Chance

Before turning to another religion, clear the doubts you have with your present religion. Read the scriptures, ask experts, visit pilgrimages, practice yoga. Sanatanis are the oldest and most scientific race on the planet. Hinduism is the fastest growing religion in Russia.
Pagan cultures are slowly dying. If such happens with Hindus as well, In the coming generations, just like Egyptian, Greeks, Roman and Italian Pagan Cultures, our culture would be circumcised by postulated guesses in the history books. We’ll lose our dignity passed on to us by our ancestors.
These days social media is quite popular. Follow any such handles which inculcate religious values.
If this article has helped you, I’ll be highly obliged.

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