Katlamba: The Famous Delicacy Of Dehradun

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Katlamba: The Famous Delicacy Of Dehradun

Katlamba! Ever heard the name?

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Katlamba: The Famous Delicacy Of Dehradun

I’m less into fast food. I usually don’t like spending too much of money.
This Sunday, I was really bored. I couldn’t go home and I had to do something. Most of the tourist places of Dehradun are on the outskirts. You need to have some spare time stretching from early morning to evening in order to visit such places.
I still surfed on Internet about tourism and cuisine of Dehradun.
Most of the tourist places were on the outskirts, as expected. Still, I found something which really made my day.

Katlamba or Katlamma

Call it Katlamba or Katlamma, both are the same things.
It is a delectable bread which was brought by Balochi refugees. It can be described in various ways. It can be described as a flat or compressed Bhatura. It can also be described as a Naan. It is really crunchy and has a crispy crust.
It’s size will give you fits.
A four serving pizza from any restaurant run by any MNC would cost more than Rs.300. But this Katlamma is bigger than that and still it costs Rs.50. You can have half of it as well for Rs.25.
So, I tried it at Sethi’s (Near Kotwali in Paltan Bazaar). When, I surfed the internet, other bloggers also recommended it.
Katlamma is served with Chole, Vegetable pickle and onions (I didn’t eat it, I’m still not habitual as such).

UPDATE (23-08-2021):

Never knew, a post like this would also be among the most search queries on Google. It’s all because of the support I’ve received from my readers.

Those days were really nice. Dehradun is indeed a beautiful city (If you’re a good person surrounded by good people). Those were the winter days. These Katlambe gave me warmth and kinda made my weekend. There were no chaos back then. I used to opt for citybuses or vikrams to reach to such exotic places.

I was not dependent on my friends either. I travelled to many places solo. Now, with government officers deployed at every place asking for papers, I doubt if we would have a generation of free thinking solo travelers in future.

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What I must suggest you is that this stuff is must trying. Go and visit it once.
You can also visit the home page. I post good content, with which you can trust me.

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