10 Tips To Reduce Hairfall

Hairfall is the biggest nightmare with open eyes, a boy or girl can have. I too had it, from the starting of 2019 to its end. But, thanks to the almighty, I don’t have it now. Touch wood!

Even though the problem with my hair started when I was in school, it actually exacerbated further when I moved to Delhi and further to Dehradun.
So, here are some tips to save your hair from falling. Believe me; if done together, they really work.

1. What about your water?

Yes, we’re human beings and we’re 70 per cent water. Water can really help us cure any disease. So here are a few tips, which you can try with water, so as to save your hair.

1. Drink a lot of water

One of the leading causes of hairfall is an unhealthy gut or indigestion. You can wash the accumulated toxins by simply drinking lots of water.
But how would you manage if the water itself is polluted or hard? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

2. Sterilize the water

To reduce the hardness of water, you can boil it at high temperature and then refrigerate it immediately. Get a good water purifier as well, if possible.

3. Add Pink or Rock Salt

You can add pink or rock salt to the water. Not only would this enhance the taste, but would also aid the digestion process. However, I’m not sure that if this advice would work on you, you can consult a doctor or dietician to know.
I’ve posted some more tips related to drinking water, you can visit this article by clicking here.

2. What about your diet?

You also have to maintain your diet in order to maintain your hair health. Consume adequate protein. Serve yourself high fiber fruits and vegetables. You also should work to keep your gut clean. Cut on your junk food.

3. Grow your hair if possible

This might puzzle you up, but really, it too works. Compare yourself to women. Men are more likely to get bald after 50s while women are not at all clearly bald, even in their 80s sometimes. This is because, they grow their hair. Men of sikh community also don’t lose their hair too much in the same regard.
Just think of the law of attraction. What you respect, you attract. Many men just keep on trying new hairstyles as if they’re not their hair but a showpiece. The same men cry that they’re losing hair, but couldn’t again hold from experimenting.
To get some more information related to hair growth, you can click here to read another article.
By growing your hair, you simply cease the interference of barbers in your life and it’s also your step towards self actualization.

4. Oil your hair

Many people don’t oil their hair. I’m astonished that what is surprising them if they lose their hair. They’re not moisturizing their hair. How would their hair survive for long.
I oil my hair every day. If you’re consistent, even five drops are sufficient for your hair.
I suggest that rather than using hair oil, you use the basic oils, like olive oil, mustard oil or coconut oil, etc.

5. Don’t wash them everyday

Washing your hair every day can devoid your hair of natural oils leaving them brittle. If it’s really important, you can spray some water on your hair to look like you washed them. Or, if it doesn’t work out, try following an odd even days policy for washing your hair. I usually wash my hair on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.

6. Amount of shampoo

You must making an adequate use of shampoo, neither too less nor too excessive. Shampoo is not that necessary. If you google it, there are various techniques through which you can wash your head, even without a shampoo.

7. Dry and don’t comb

You should dry your hair once you wash them. Don’t comb them immediately as it lead to more hair loss.
If your hairfall is excessive usually, you can even think of reconsidering your comb.

8. Comb before sleeping

Combing before sleeping stimulates the natural oils of your scalp and your hair would be less messed up in the next morning.

9. Yoga

Consider a yoga practitioner who could teach some exercises. Those in which your head is tilted are also good.

10. Accept yourself

If you think about this as a problem, you’re simply being stressed. If you accept yourself, things would be better. Stand in front of the mirror and say to yourself, “You’re beautiful”.
Following are some ways, which would help you become more of a natural human being.

1. Throw your straightener and dryer

They do you no good. Why are you straightening or curling your hair? Just to look good in front of relatives? They would be the first to denigrate you when you go bald. Straighteners and dryers can make you bald. Mark my words. If you’re curly head, enjoy it. If you’re a straight head, enjoy that as well. What is leaving you worried?
Moreover, to dry your hair, absorb excess water through the towel and sit in the sun. It’s that simple.
Don’t just read it. The first thing you should it, is either throw, sell, destroy or donate these gadgets. You’re still late. This should be the first step you should do, when you realize you’re going bald.

2. Stop using artificial products

Gels and dyes are no good either. They make you lose even more hair. If you keep your hair the way they’re, it would be better than having no hair at all.
If you would like to study about a few toxic chemicals, I’ve written a blog post for that as well. Click here to read it.

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