5 Reading Tips For Non-Readers

Reading is an endangered habit these days. It seems like this habit is dying among people. When a non reader hears that someone reads a lot, he is usually awestruck as if he had got a nightmare. But reading, according to me is a simple habit and there’s nothing in it to be exaggerated. It is a habit which anyone can build. However, reading is a versatile habit and this is the reason, it varies from person to person.

How did I start reading?

I gained interest in reading when I was fourteen years old. I realized that just reading the coursebooks can’t lead to our growth. We need to get more exposure. In that year itself, I got struck with Dengue.
At that time, I was at home, with a bottle on stand dripping glucose in my nerves. I had less energy.
What I did was read a bit. Other than this, I ate and slept.
When, I recovered, I was in my full spirits, I was determined to read as more as I could.
Our school library was excellent which gave me wings.
In Dehradun, I joined a public library and then I didn’t stop.
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In this article, I’m sharing some practical real world tips for a non-reader to strengthen his reading habits.

1. Read in stretches

If you stretch the readings to days, weeks and months; you eventually lose your momentum.
Instead, when you’re just starting out, make an assessment of the number of pages you can read in a single stretch.
No matter, how lethargic or indeed busy a person might claim himself, everyone starting from a teenager has a capability to read at least fifty pages in a day.

2. Develop a habit

If you read everyday, there would be an equilibrium while reading; because your mind is habitual of reading, it won’t be easily distracted.
Shiv Sangal, Books, reading, library books

3. Discuss with people

Discussing with people what you read would not only make you more interesting, it would also allow you to regurgitate and recapitulate passively without taking any pain.
Moreover, you can also encourage them to read and subsequently come up with more suggestions.

4. Choose such online content

There are many book bloggers who would help you stay updated. You can read reviews of various books around.

5. Join a library

Library can give you a perfect reading environment. The fees of most are nominal amounts. If you calculate, the number of books you read in library account cheaper than they would have costed you if you had bought them.
If you can’t make it to a library physically, there are many online libraries as well, such as Archive.org and National Digital Library of India which is a project undertaken by IIT Kharagpur.  
If you come up with any queries, you can dial to New York Library. They’ve set up a call center. Provided a toll free number, you can ask them any question and they’ll find you its answer after consulting the texts as well as the web. The number is 0019172756975.
Shiv Sangal, Books, reading, library books

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