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12 Easy Work From Home Tips

This lockdown, many people are made to work from home. It’s both a bane and a boon for different people. People indulged in white collar jobs can do the same at home. On the other hand, those who’re indulged in technical jobs cannot give the same output from home. It’s pretty obvious.

Even then, many people argue that they’re not the same productive at home as they’re in a professional setting.
Many students also have to attend their classes online, these days.
So, here are the tips which would help the people be more productive while working from home.
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1. Have a desk or designated space

Many people like working while sitting on bed, lounge or couch. They might feel comfortable, but they’re more likely to feel sleepy. If your posture while working is not correct, you would be able to concentrate.
So, if you designate a space to be used only for working and nothing else, that would really help.
Now, in secluded places, designated an entire space is nearly impossible. So, what you can do is having a desk to do that work. pair it with a comfortable chair.
You’ll find that whenever you sit there, you’ll be able to concentrate very well.

2. Stretch or break

If you read other people’s blogs, you’ll find the advice of taking breaks in between.
Unfortunately, what many people write across the world is usually not researched or not completely experienced.
If you’re feeling the flow, then taking a break would be a lethal advice for you. Because, it is not guaranteed that once you return from the break, you’ll have the same flow. If you do the work in stretches, that would be great for you.
I usually don’t work after 6 PM. I start from 7 AM in the morning. Even then, there are a few breaks like lunch etc. For that, I make sure my flow remains undisturbed.
Working in stretches is the best way of working.

3. Keep the space clean

If you clean the space, you’ll feel fresher. Moreover, there would be a flow of positive energy around you.

4. Have separate shelves

You might have some books and material which you use everyday, while there also must be some, you don’t. If you mix both the stuff, you’ll feel panicked everyday which would take your valuable time away.
My suggestion for this is to keep separate shelves for both the purposes. In this way, the stuff you don’t use everyday would be the same neat and tidy, while you can pick and keep the stuff you need daily.

5. Read daily

Reading can keep your spirit up during this hard time. If you’ve many books at your home, that is good for you. Still there’re many people who don’t have this privilege. I don’t suggest that you break the norms and go out to buy them. There’re various portals these days like Archive.org, Project Gutenberg or National Digital Library of India (which is a project undertaken by IIT Kharagpur). If reading books is not your thing, you can read articles on Google Scholar.

6. Journal

Though, I’m not consistent in this habit, still, to the extent I do this, it works. Make a small diary or take any spare notebook. Write your weekly and monthly tasks over there. It would help keep you track over everything.
Keep a separate notebook, or just separate a part of that journal to write important facts you observe while reading or watching something.
You can also have some rough papers around you on which you can write matter of temporary significance.

7. Set your professional schedule

Just because you’re at your home doesn’t mean that your employer or clients can call you anytime. Just set a schedule for yourself. I neither answer my clients nor call them on any time except 9AM-5PM and Monday-Friday. This is helpful in keeping us organized.

8. Proper ventilation

Since, it is getting hot these days, you might need proper ventilation to feel fresh. This is an impacting factor for your productivity. It would be better if you keep your windows open for fresh air, which has no substitute. Due to less vehicles on the road and less factories running, pollution has significantly reduced.
Also, apart from your regular ceiling fan, you can have a table fan or a portable cooler around you. I don’t recommend ACs as they make me feel lethargic.

9. Light

Natural light is the best. I feel the most productive to work in the natural light. If possible, sit around any area that receives a lot of sunlight.
If you work till midnight like an owl, you can have a table lamp at your workspace.
Lighting is extremely important. Inconsideration of lighting aspect can severely impact your eyesight.

10. Wear what you want

This is the biggest pro of working from home. You can wear what you want. You don’t have to waste an hour getting ready every day. Whenever you’re wearing what you love, you own your vibes and you’re more productive.
While working at home, still it is advisable, that even if you’re wearing what you love, even then, try different colors everyday. Also, you must bathe daily to maintain hygiene.

11. Battery Saving Mode

Your phone’s and PC’s battery might extinguish frequently leaving you irritated.
To avoid this, I’m suggesting a few tips.
You must optimize your devices to remove temporary files. You can clear away your recycle bin as well.
In PCs, for Windows, you must store your files more in D, E and F drives than in C. This would optimize it’s speed. You shouldn’t lay more files on your desktop.
Periodically, you should remove apps which are no longer of use to you.
There’re inbuilt battery saving modes you can make use of.

12. Exercise 

You don’t want to get unhealthy, right? Make sure you do enough physical activities which keep you fit. Also, have enough rest to rejuvenate.
How were these tips? Were there any points I missed out? Do you want to suggest any other points? Let me know in the comments below.

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