College: 3 Benefits of Pursuing in Hometown

As soon as his schooling is over, an average teenager starts dreaming about his college life in a different city. Some teenagers even move to other cities just after their matriculation, when they have to secure admissions for 3 year diplomas and polytechnics.

However, not every family’s financial condition suits this move and as I mentioned in another blog post, taking an education loan is never worth it in any case. You can better read that post as well in a new tab if you’re doubtful about taking that decision as well.

I took a wrong decision in 2019 and that made me explore the entire higher education sector of India.

In this post, I would like to discuss on the hypes created in society of moving to another city to pursue your college and how it is not worth it in every case. Based on this statement itself, it might work out for some, while also not for others.

Studying in your hometown has limitations as well. By deciding to study from your hometown, you’re making sure you prepare your mind for that as well.

How can I relate?

I have never really liked my college. No grudges for them. They’re transparent, but it’s my own preference about what I like and what I don’t. 

Hence, in first year, I decided that in the second year, I would change my college through lateral entry/migration. However, lockdown was imposed in March’20 and had I changed or not, it would have carried the same impact, I was supposed to be at home; putting it simple. Hence, I didn’t change my college then. But yes, this introduced me with the benefits of studying from a college of hometown.

Comparison of My College Expenses with My Localite Friend

My Expenditure

Suppose, in any particular semester, my college fee after adding all the expenses is INR 45000. I do not have to just pay for the college, I have to pay for my accommodation as well. In the first year, I took my college’s hostel, which costed me INR 150000 (with roommate and mess). Still, I didn’t find it worth it. Again, the intention is not to slander but to express my opinion.

It costed me around 240000 pa to study and to live (would have become 720000 for the entire course if I carried on the same way) .

The next time, in March 2021, when the college reopened, I got a PG in the same locality at INR 6000 pm without any sharing and with an attached washroom. Had I taken with a roommate, it would have costed me INR 3000 at max.

I found a mess on daily payment basis where I paid INR 50 per meal. It added up as INR 150 per day and INR 3000 per month.

Similarly, my monthly expenditure added up to INR 9000 (would have been 6000 if I had shared the room).

Had I stayed longer, it would have totaled into 108000 (Or 72000 on the basis of the told condition).

Adding the fees of both the semesters, it would have become 198000 (or 162000 on another condition). 

Dehradun is a city living in which you can easily afford. However, there are various other cities where the conditions are different.

My Friend's Expenditure

Nothing to explain more. My friend is a local. He just has to pay the fees of college. Rest, he lives at his home. You don’t have to pay rent to live in your home.

He just has to pay INR 90000 pa – 10% domicile reduction= INR 81000.

He would complete his B.Com hons in just INR 243000.

You can clearly see the difference.

3 Benefits of Studying in Hometown

1. Saving on accommodation and food

I can’t stress this enough, but this is the best advantage of studying while living at home. Take the example I gave above. Also, your health would be perfect eating home cooked food.

2. Saving on conveyance

Many students have to travel distances to go to their college, which can save up when you’re in your hometown. You already have your conveyance. Additionally, you know the shortcut routes.

3. Saving time

I have classes of 4 hours everyday. After that, whenever I’m out I’ve to sit in my room. I can’t be paying to live in another city, when only four hours spent in a day there are meaningful. Rest of the work I can do anywhere.

You can do another exercise. Calculate your hourly commitment to college and divide it from your fees. 

Suppose, I’m attending college for 528 hours (22*4*6) every semester. Hence, I divide 45000 by 528. I get approximately 85/hour. 

6000 divided by 720 hours of the month come out as approximately INR 8/hour. You spend 8 hours sleeping everyday, i.e, 240 hours= INR 1920. 

Just see how much money you’re spending to pass your time.

Instead start a business.

When you should definitely move out?

Getting to explore is the best benefit of moving out. Many students are pampered by their parents which makes them stick to their comfort zones.

When you’re away from your home, you get many experiences like travelling alone, managing finances, speaking up for yourself and the list goes on.

But whenever you’re moving out, plan it properly. Don’t just do it for the sake of doing it. Make a productive use out of it.

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