College Life: 10 Key Takeaways

College life, what?

Something, that mine just concluded; though, a dissertation project is still remaining.

But, it is important that I share with you the key takeaways I have from my college life. I’ve attached a lot of links about my inferences from college life.

B.Com hons. was an eye opening experience for me. To give a disclaimer, I’m not blaming anyone, be it any individual or an institution. However, when so many students and parents end up spending their time and money; it is important to take into account if it bothers the teachers and colleges the same way.

I had the experience of both Delhi and Dehradun from 2019-2022 and guess what? I found accountability lacking in both places.

Hence, these are the 10 basic takeaways of my college life. It took my 3 years to digest these harsh truths. If you’re a fresher, digest them as soon as you can. 

1. Time and Money are precious.

Whenever you’re selecting any college, remind yourself that you have spend your time here. Further, you or your parents are paying massive fees. Make sure, the college is worth both.

2. Don't move out of the town if that college has nothing special.

Moving out means an expensive college (in most of the cases) + Accommodation and food.

Read this to know more: 

College: 3 Benefits of Pursuing in Hometown

3. Don't go for a regular degree if a distance degree can suffice.

I laugh at this every time I read this. It reminds me how foolish I have been in the previous years of my life. 

My eyes opened when I pursued Diploma in Vastu Shastra from UOU and it costed me just INR 4000 + transportation to the exam center. 

There are many institutions which let you complete various degree courses online.

If your aspired course is theoretical. There’s absolutely no reason you should go for a regular course, go distance or online.

4. No need to enroll in that degree course which you can study unguided.

There are certain easy subjects where you feel you do not even need any professor’s help. You can do on your own. Kindly, do not opt for any such majors. 

Go for a majors that is comprehensive and competitive. 

Why waste your money restarting the basics of the  subject you’re good at. Rather, go at its advances at your own pace.

5. Make friends and network, yet maintain your standards strictly and unapologetically.

I never tried fitting in. I never tried blending in. I have always maintained on my standards.

Yet, I made some friends.

It is unexpected that friendships are selfless. Because, in ground realities, we make friends who are helpful or who add some value to our lives. Then, how do we call friendships selfless?

Think over it.

Some students of my class, not all, had many bad habits which I avoided strictly. 

Hence, I always maintained on my standards strictly and unapologetically.

I recommend every good person out there to distinguish himself from crowd. Rather, keep yourself at an elevated pedestal.

6. Life is all about moving on

I got this lesson right in my school farewell.

Everyone in the school farewell was so mellow-dramatic while I felt detached and independent. My mind was like, “Cool! School life is over. So happy about this.”

Left early in afternoon itself. I didn’t remember any happy memory. I never bunked or cheated on anything in my school life. Other students counted them as good memories.

I had a few favorite teachers for whom I’ll be forever thankful.

However, I had got a lesson in 2019 about my school life which I can never forget. 

I was such an obedient soyboy beta male feminist. I worked on to overcome this trait. No one over there told me that how it was such a turnoff that made me a vulnerable doormat.

However, I moved on and in the college life, unlearned all the indoctrination.

Just a few days back, a lot of students of my batch were doing that shirt day scribbling nonsense and I just laughed at their stupidity. Three years into the course and no adulthood or maturity can be expected.

They are still waiting for a farewell.

7. Be practical, stay grounded, and don't give into the hype.

Being practical will help you in the long run. You save your money and time. Hence, you save your life. You are not into any rush. Yet, you find yourself an early bird for everything. This is the power of being grounded.

8. Never seek any education loan

It is never worth it. Formulate a budget. Research over different institutes and schemes. You can find entire degrees in as less as INR 10k. I have already discussed about institutions like IGNOU and UOU. Don’t put yourself in a debt trap, no matter how big an opportunity is. In the end, it is just a piece of paper in your hands. 🎓

4 Steps To Avoid An Education Loan

9. Start from your school life

The foundation for a sound college life is laid in the school life itself. Be better prepared while you are in the school.

Every majors in India wastes the first year teaching you the subjects you have already learnt in your school.

Learn some job ready skills while you are in schools. Even people with multiple degrees can be left behind with dedication.

10. Career is in your hands

Your career is in your hands, not your college. If you do not get any work, the college authorities would not apologize, refund, or lend their cheeks in Gandhian style.

Work on your career, pitch to people.  Take responsibility. 

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